Newspaper Delivery to Dorm Room

<p>How common is having a newspaper delivered to one's dorm room?</p>

<p>When I order a subscription, should I address it to my specific room number or just the dorm name and my name?</p>

<p>For Econ 51, we needed mandatory subscriptions to WSJ. You put the address of your room, and the papers will usually be stacked near the front door of the dorm.</p>

<p>I imagine it'd be the same for any other subscription.</p>

<p>Yeah, I would see piles of newspapers in the lobby everyday freshmen year. You just put your dorm and room number and pick it up from the entry area I suppose.</p>

<p>FYI, you can get a few of the more popular newspapers like USAToday free on campus. There are newspaper boxes that provide them to students with a DukeCard. IIRC, there's one on the lower level of the Bryan Center outside the DSG office opposite the mailboxes facing the stairs.</p>

<p>Yep. USAToday, New York Times, Durham Herald are all ones I remember being free. Sometimes I would find my WSJ would be delivered to my actual dorm door...but most of the time just at the front, as mentioned. Give them your room number just in case, I'd say.</p>