Next Step After Being Accepted As Transfer?


<p>So I was accepted as a transfer student to the College of Arts and Science at Rutgers - New Brunswick. I am super excited but now really confused.</p>

<p>HOW DO I REGISTER FOR CLASSES? I looked up the information online on their website and it says I have to wait for Star Days. IS THAT RIGHT??? </p>

<p>Ugh, I just want to make sure I do everything RIGHT! Please clarify with me anyone on how to register for classes - we have to wait in an e-mail for our STAR DAYS transfer registration date, righttt? </p>

<p>And how is the housing assignments coming along for all of you guys? I just registered for my ID so I can't put in a register yet 'cause it takes 24 hours for my account to activate. ANYWAYS, HELP WITH MY QUESTIONS PLEASE! If you have any as well please shoot them my way. Maybe I can help!</p>


<p>Go to this thread. </p>

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