Next summer's internship opportunities for engineering rising sophomore

<p>Hi all,
I am an international student who finally made it to a top 10 University/Engineering program.
Although I'll be a freshman in few weeks, I am trying to explore internship options for next summer as I really want to have a look at the tech/industry's world.
I am not sure what specific field I am majoring in! At first I thought of Mech/Aero but now I am thinking more of Elec/Computer hardware(perhaps software eng)!
The courses I am taking this year do not have any Eng intro : CALC II/III - PHY - COS (2 courses) - CHM -and a freshman seminar where we'll use Autocad(re-modelling a motorcycle or sth like that)!
Bottom line, what are the possible internship opportunities for rising sophomores ! How is the pay(All I care about is covering the expenses(housing+food+transport), that's all) !
And which tasks are interns at this stage(rising sophomore) are assigned to ?
Thank you in advance !</p>

<p>You might find it easier to wait a few weeks until you arrive on campus. Both your department and the career center should be able to provide specific suggestions.</p>

<p>Another question : which extra-curricular activities should I target? And which leadership positions would the recruiters consider? Does being an international help or reduces my chances ?

<p>@siliconvalleymom: thank you! But I am feel that I wasted the last 4 years of my life and feel a bit anxious as I haven’t even made the choice of the major :p</p>


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