Next Year's Class Schedule

Reply with the classes you will take next year and your grade level! I’m interested in knowing what other people’s class schedule is like.

For senior year, my schedule is as follows:

AP Calculus AB/BC (yearlong)
AP Biology (yearlong)
Biomedical Technology 2
Honors American History 2
PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture
Microsoft WPP

I’m also debating whether or not I should take AP Physics (online) as well. My school only has 4 classes a semester, two semesters in one year, so I sadly can’t take any more classes at my high school.

My class schedule has changed SO MUCH for next year, but I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten it mostly figured out. Next year is my sophomore year.

Honors English 10
Health Education/Physical Education 2
Honors World History and Civilization
Dual Credit Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
Honors Chemistry
French 2 or Spanish 3 (I’m probably dropping Spanish and taking French 1 this summer)
AP Statistics

If I move schools, I’m going to squeeze another class in there, which will likely be AP Environmental Science.

I am an uprising junior!

AP Lang
AP Stats
AP Environmental
Honors Precalc
Honors German 4

English 2 Honors / AICE (AP equiv.) General Paper (both one semesters)
Algebra 2 Honors
AP World History
Chemistry 1 Honors or AP Physics 1
Driver’s Education (one semester)
Psychology (one semester)
Spanish 3 Honors
AICE (AP equv.) Sociology

I think you should take AP Physics in a class setting since it is a lab science. Taking two sciences seems like you’re overloading yourself.

I’m taking Geometry online right now, but that may change if it doesn’t work. Your course load seems pretty rigorous.

Going to be a jr next year

AP Physics 1
AP Calc BC
AP English Lang
AP US Gov’t
Personalized Medicine Honors
Independent Study French V Honors (taking AP exam)
Might do DE Organic chem, going to talk to AP Chem teacher about it

Going to be a sophomore next year.

AP Calculus AB
AP Biology
AP World History (AP GT Humanities, basically the high school version of “GT”)
PAP Chemistry
PAP Spanish 3
PAP English 2
Band inst. ensemble
Band 2nd yr

Band is double blocked because I’m in the top ensemble and we meet for two periods. I’ll also be in marching band, but that’s more of an afterschool club rather than an actual class.

I’m going to be a junior and my schedule is as follows:

Spanish 4 Honors
AP US History
AP English Language and Composition
AP Physics 1
AP Chemistry
Pre-Calculus Honors

(Also, as a side note, I took AP Biology last year as a sophomore, and I can confidently say that you’ll do fine as long as you just go along with the course work.)

I am going to be a junior and here is my schedule:
AP English Language
AP US History
Honors Pre-Calculus
AP Physics 1
AP Psychology
Honors Spanish 4
Philosophy and World Religions

Have a good day!

Rising senior!
AP English Literature and Composition
AP US Government and Politics (semester)
AP Microeconomics (semester)
AP Calculus BC
AP Physics C
AP Environmental Science
AP Computer Science A
study halllllll

@kjb4304 I had almost that exact schedule last year, but with orchestra instead of Spanish. People will say it’s impossible to get enough sleep. They’re wrong.

Rising junior schedule!
AP World History
AP Environmental Science
AP Chem
AP English Language
Honors Precalculus
Latin 1 (going to learn a 3rd language since I already finished 4 years of Spanish)

Rising junior
AP Calc BC
AP Chem(welp)
AP Seminar or Research (forgot which is first)
German 2 Honors
Intro to Theater Fundamentals

@Candyblossom1245 cough AP Seminar cough :wink:

Rising Senior:

AP Physics 2 (or C if we get enough people)
UConn American Politics (AP US Government equivalent)
UConn ECE Microeconomics + Macroeconomics (AP Economics equivalent) [MAY DROP]
CC Multivariable Calculus + CC Linear Algebra
PLTW Engineering Design and Development
PLTW Digital Electronics [MAY DROP]
French 3
Honors English 12