NFL Football

Do we already have a thread? I didn’t see one.

Anyone watching?

I have to say, watching about 4 or 5 Atlanta Falcons stand around watching an onside kick roll towards the 45 yard line (earliest Cowboys could touch it) instead of recovering it easily and winning the game was a big head scratcher.

The fake crowd noises added by the TV networks is odd. Dallas had 21,000 people in the crowd today, so at least it sounded somewhat authentic.

I’m generally pretty into football, but I’m having trouble caring much this year. I am supporting my two Texas teams, since I live about halfway between them, but I just don’t have the enthusiasm with everything else going on in the country. I hope the fake crowd noise gets better managed as the season goes on.

Wow! Those fake fans are SO upset they are making so much fake noise I can’t even hear the refs!!

I’m also skeptical that the Cowboys stadium, even at 25% capacity, could be a safe environment.

It does have ability to open up to provide fresh air, and allegedly masks were required in public areas, fans said that they were generally at least 9 feet or more from other parties.


I love football. CTE and other things have dimmed my enthusiasm a bunch, but I can’t stay completely away from it.