NFL Playoffs Thread

<p>All set. Hope all you bandwagon Patriots fans are preparing yourself for a beatdown on Sunday. Refs won't win this one for you.</p>

<p>I'm cool with any team winning as long as it isn't Dallas, Philly or New England</p>

<p>BTW, my heart says Eagles-Ravens but my head says Cowboys-Chargers.</p>

<p>I've actually been thinking for a few months now that it would b Eagles-Chargers. However, Dallas killed Philly yesterday and I think they manage to win again on Saturday. Saints and Vikings are weak. Green Bay or Arizona could make noise but I like the winner of Saturday's game to win the NFC. AFC is all Chargers IMO.</p>

<p>Jets. If Ryan figures out we're better off throwing the ball 5-10 times a game, I'm feeling a Jets-Vikings Superbowl.</p>

<p>lol Jets are awful. They're only in the Playoffs because the Colts literally gave them a game and Sanch is terrible. Sure they might beat the Bengals because they are weak as well but the Chargers will murder them in SD.</p>

<p>I'm guessing Colts-Vikings Super Bowl. New Orleans has too many weaknesses, which was ignored for the first 13 weeks by NFL commentators. SD is a good team, but they won't be able to win in Indianapolis. Colts will have warmed up by then, having defeated Patriots/Ravens/Jets, and most of its injured players will be back. The Colts would easily have gone 16-0 had they not forfeited the last two games, and that's WITH having many of their key players injured.</p>

<p>Actually the Colts can't play the Patriots in the divisional round.</p>

<p>And the Chargers own the Colts. No chance the Colts win if they play in the AFC Championship game.</p>

<p>I think it will be Chargers-Eagles, but I'm hoping that New Orleans wins it all. And that Baltimore and Indianapolis don't make it to the Super Bowl.</p>

<p>I think I speak for all Minnesotans by saying: Skol Vikings!!!
(Although I don't think we have a shot in hell of winning it all)</p>

<p>Huge Eagles fan, but don't count out Arizona. Everyone underestimated them last year and look what happened.</p>

<p>As a Colts fan, I'm hoping for another ring, but San Diego is the team to beat in the AFC right now. I consider the Patriots and Bengals toast, Jets are a joke, and if the Ravens D heats up and McGahee slaps people around (lol did you see that vs the Raiders? :p) then they can make some noise. Chargers-Colts AFC Title game. The only way Colts win is no interceptions by Manning, Freeney & Mathis upset Rivers, and we somehow stop Sproles. Yeah having no running game is really frustrating, but you gotta love some Peyton Manning lol ;)</p>

<p>I think winner of Philly-Dallas represents the NFC this year too. The Eagles looked terrible on Sunday, but that offense is way too explosive to not score this weekend (stopping Dallas' offense will be key). Vikings may make NFC Title game, but I can, at best, see them losing in the Super Bowl. Arizona's offense is blazing, and the defense is better this year, but Rodgers-Cromartie and Boldin are shaken up, and they may get to the 2nd round, but no further than that. Saints are done, no way they win. Rodgers and Woodson are beasting for Green Bay, but I see them losing a close game first round. </p>

<p>Go Colts :)</p>


<p>The Bunglas basically quit on the season after their second Steelers win. Great showing at home.</p>

<p>Huge San Diego Chargers fan over here! :)</p>

<p>philly gagging</p>

<p>Yeah this game has been basically a total dud. Today wasn't that much fun to watch, but I didn't get to see Jets-Bengals. Just heard a bit on the radio in the car. Hopefully tomorrow the games are interesting</p>

<p>@ the OP</p>

<p>Most of the bandwagon Pats fans left in 2008 about 7 minutes into the home opener...</p>

<p>Whoaaaaaaaa - When did the Patriots get calls against Baltimore? Are you referring to the 2007 Sunday night game? The one where a timeout was taken (very justifiable, Belichick was standing on the sidelines with his hand in a T formation before the snap), a false start just before the snap (again, justifiable, because the player moved before the snap), another time out (remember, Belichick was standing on the sidleline motioning for a timeout before the play happened), then the only questionable call was the defensive pass interference, which I thought was a good one considering Ben Watson got absolutely mauled.</p>

<p>Now that we got that cleared up, watch a few games in the Patriots/Colts rivalry from the past few years if you want to see some pure cheating going on.</p>

<p>My parents will be at the game, unfortunately I won't. I got to go to the Falcons and Dolphins game this year though [we have half season tix], so I'm not complaining too much.</p>

<p>@TheYankInLondon - I was at that game...crazy sequence in crowd-reaction/emotion. Brady completes a 45 yard heave to Randy Moss at the 10 yard line, Moss fumbles trying to swerve his way towards the end zone, Chiefs recover, then everyone sees Brady down.</p>

<p>I'm really not much of an NFL person (college football is more my thing), but I reallyyyy would like some outsider opinions here: If the Jets are so horrible, then how have they managed to advance to the second round of the playoffs? I know they basically got that win handed to them by the Colts but all I hear this season is how much they stink.</p>

<p>Cowboys finally win!!!!!!!!!!</p>

<p>Bengals and Eagles freakin' shot themselves in the foot.</p>