Nice gesture

<p>Rhodes is indeed a great school. My S was accepted and was recently sent a piece of stained glass nicely wrapped in a post card reflecting the uniqueness of each piece of glass made by the artisans for the windows in their Gothic Buildings much like their students are unique. I found this gesture quite nice and unique. What a hospitable institution. I personally loved the school when we visited it in November. A great LAC in a city giving students the opportunity to do internships at St. Jude's , FedEx etc. Very impressive!</p>

<p>That sounds lovely! We visited the campus last summer on our way to drop off our son in Pittsburgh. My daughter is interested in small LAC's. It has a beautiful campus. We have friends who are currently waiting for a decision. Did they offer your D any scholarships? Just curious if they did what her stats are just to have an idea for possible application time for my D.</p>

<p>My S applied EA. interviewed, and had a 3.3 (UW) rigorous course schedule and a ACT composite of 30. They offered an $8,000 merit grant/ yr. Rhodes is a great school and does use a wholistic approach to each applicant.</p>

<p>We love what we’ve learned so far about Rhodes and would love our son to go there. He attends the #2 public high school in our state and takes lots of Honors courses but has a 3.0 (about 3.8 weighted) as he finishes his Sophomore year. Don’t know what his test scores will be, and extra-cirrular-wise is a work in process. We live in Pittsburgh and PA is not represented much at Rhodes. Any advice or insight as to his chances? Would EA help or hurt?</p>

<p>To be successful, a candidate with a low GPA has to present an application that is otherwise very compelling. EA helps at Rhodes. ED does not necessarily help. Showing interest is important and a personal campus visit arranged through admissions also helps. His GPA is hard to judge without knowing the context, but Rhodes does recalculate GPA using their own weighted system. They say they’d rather see Bs in tough courses than As in the easy ones. Cs and worse are an issue and might indicate he is not ready for the rigor of college classes.</p>