Nice touches

<p>DD was accepted to USC the week before Thanksgiving. In addition to the big envelope of info that came with the letter, she received a phone call from a current student congratulating her. She also got a postcard from them congratulating her. Today she received a Holiday greeting card...again congratulating her. It's nice for her to receive ongoing communications from them...and we all think it's a nice touch.</p>

<p>No phone call, no postcard,no greeting least not yet!
But as long as the "fat envelope" came, its okay!!</p>

<p>I received those three notices as well. Not bad for a state university, I suppose :)</p>

<p>The ongoing communication is why I am at USC right now. I got into Duke and comparable schools but it really felt like USC rolled out the red carpet everytime I visited, and I lived in Columbia so its not like I was making a special trip down there. They really do an awesome job at recruitment.</p>

<p>BCgoUSC, I'm curious. What package did you receive for attending USC Honors.</p>