Nicest Off-Campus Housing

<p>I'm coming down to visit UF as a prospective graduate student and am looking to stop by some apartment complexes as well. I'd like to live somewhere that is primarily students/single professionals (and not really families... not quite at that point in my life yet). I want someplace nice... doesn't have to be new... but can't be a dump. So what complexes are generally considered the best mix of quality and value? I'd rather be somewhere nice than super close to campus but I don't want to drive 30 minutes either.</p>

<p>Also... I'd prefer a one bedroom studio but if I have to do a two bedroom I'm fine with that as well.</p>


<p>Oak Brook Walk (The closer choice) and Gainesville Place (The more luxurious choice)</p>

<p>I agree. If you are looking for studios, the best places are in downtown Gainesville. I know its near the night life, but they are the best studios in town.</p>

<p>Thanks for the apartment suggestions.</p>

<p>I'm sure there have to be TONS of apartments around UF. Are there any others I should check out?</p>


<p>Yeah, everywhere you turn is an apartment in Gainesville. If you want something really nice, try Museum Walk. They are a tad on the expensive side. Melrose is nice as well. I wouldn't recommend Oxford Manor since that has always at a party atmosphere label since it was built. Stoneridge has nice big apartments and is cheap, but not the type you are looking for I suspect. Kensington has some nice apartments as well. I would also recommend looking at apartments by the Oaks mall. They are a little out of the way, but they are nice and quiet. If you want to make sure you are away from action, stay away from any apartment around Archer Rd. There is such a large volume of traffic, it would be hard to get in and out. Hopefully that helps, even though I rambled.</p>