Nifty Wikipidea chart comparing Georgia colleges and universities

<p>For those of you who are applying in-state(or OOS students looking to study in Georgia), this Wikipidea article is pretty useful. It provides information such as freshman retention rate, campus size, average GPA and SAT score, research expenditure, endowment and even prestigious scholarships won by students at these schools. I've checked the data, and it's all good. Everything comes either straight from the University System of Georgia or a reliable source.</p>

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<p>Pretty neat. Those of you applying to the top schools, UGA, Emory or/and Georgia Tech, it may be wise to apply to a few safety schools as well. This list will be a good guideline for safeties. It should be noted that the averages vary based on publication, so a 3.76 GPA at Georgia Tech may vary depending on SER vs IPED reporting.</p>

<p>Always shoot higher than last year's averages. Both schools have been getting more selective every single year since about 2000.</p>