Night Classes

<p>Hi all. I am taking a bio lab from 7PM-10PM on thursdays at the moment. I wanted to ask: is this advisable? I am just worried about lack of sleep afterwards due to finishing up homework and other commitments. I tried to keep my fridays free, so I can sleep in the next day, but I couldn't keep them as free as I wanted. I still have a couple classes. </p>

<p>Would I be better off on the wait-list for a morning class? This is a general post, so please do not restrict replies to answering my questions . . . I want to know anything and everything there is to know about night classes (including, if they exist, rumors). </p>

<p>Thanks in advance. </p>

<p>P.S Obviously, everyone is different, and I understand that it would be hard to see how this class would affect my life, considering you don't know my sleep/work cycle per se. So YOUR opinions of a night class is really all I'm looking for.</p>

<p>Unless you really want/need that bio class this semester I would advise against it. Reason being is that I personally would be extremely tired by the time the lab would be over, and it would be stressful trying to finish up all of my other work after it ended</p>

<p>I took a 7-10 Thursday seminar last year, and for me, it was just really annoying that my friends would be pregaming and I had to wait until I got out of class to go out with them. Plus for me, nighttime is a good studying time as well. Best of luck though!</p>

<p>For bio 173 specifically, it doesn't always take the entire three hours - they schedule it that long for leeway for the longer labs. Also, no one wants to teach that late either, so I'd imagine that the GSIs will want to move quickly as well.</p>