NIH Summer Internship Program 2018

I was recently taken in by a PI. Everything is just in the final stages right now, so I can say with 99% confidence I have the position. If there is anyone else who was accepted and needs to figure out their housing situation, let me know because I need a room mate lol. I am a high school junior from NJ, by the way.

TO ANYONE ELSE WHO WISHES TO APPLY: Send a ton of emails! And I mean a TON. Like go into 50-60 emails at this point, because most positions have already been filled and it will be hard to find a match. I wish you all good luck!

@mk1901 Are you sure? The people I’ve talked to have said that they’ll make decisions later.

As per my knowledge at least, the longer you wait, the harder it is to find an availability because PIs accept interns on a rolling basis. A few friends of mine (now college freshmen) who attended the program during their junior year told me that after Christmas it becomes much harder to secure a position, and the competition for spots becomes a lot tougher.

I contacted my PI around mid-November (when the portal opened) and I was lucky to get a response. Lots of PIs do make decisions around Spring though, so I wouldn’t bank on what my friends said. However, I emailed around 30 other PIs and almost all of them told me that they already had their spaces filled or simply didn’t respond. So, I can tell you for sure that it will get harder as time passes.

@linaria Sorry I forgot to tag you in my comment ^

@mk1901 That’s very helpful to know!

Hi you guys I am also trying to apply to the NIH summer inters, and was wondering if it is possible to get emails/interview from PIs that you haven’t emailed?

How do you find the PIs that participated in the program in previous years? I found the “poster day 2017”, but all of the “preceptors” don’t come up on the PI page.

@mk1901 For NIH SIP, do you email PIs first or do you submit the main application that add your file to the database first? I’m also struggling with the resume because I have a weak app and have 0 experience and stuff.

do lab internships count if u don’t write a paper or something during it? More like clinical and helping the researchers?

Hi- I am a high school sophomore from the West Coast and have confirmation from a PI for an internship. My parents might be moving to the area for the duration of SIP (mid-June to mid-August). If anyone else not from the NIH vicinity in Maryland who has confirmation and is looking to share accommodation (like a rented home) near NIH, please respond.

@DjDumpling. I emailed 20 PIs and received only three responses. One was a straight no, the other was a maybe (Don’t have space right now but get in touch with me if you don’t get anything by end of January) and the third one panned out after two interviews- one phone interview and a Skype interview.

@pdxkid have you had past lab experience?

Hi, I have been accepted to SIP! I am a college student looking for a female roommate to share a place in Bethesda from mid-May to mid-July. PM me if you are interested.

@pdxkid Hey I’ve been accepted and am looking for a place to stay. I’m a college sophomore


Did you contact PIs directly or PIs called by looking at NIH database?

If recommendation letters are not in yet, should I just start emailing PIs. I’m worried that I won’t be able to get an internship.

Can we keep emailing PIs even with the government shutdown?

I’ve received an offer to work in North Carolina – if anybody else is looking for a roommate hmu. I’m an undergraduate sophomore.

Hello everyone. I am a 17 year old high school junior (male) from NJ. I have been accepted into NIDCR and I am looking for a room mate next summer in Bethesda. Please PM me if you are interested in rooming together. We can meet through Skype or something to work out the details.

Undergrad Sophomore here. Received an offer for the North Carolina campus as well. hmu and we’ll become friends