NIH Summer Internship Program 2018

Hi guys! I am applying for the NIH’s SIP this year, and I thought that others applying might come find this thread so we can talk about it.

I’m most worried about having to email PI’s. I feel like I’m not going to get responses from anyone. Anyone who has applied, emailed, and heard back, post it here! Good luck to everyone.

I’m also applying. Do you live near any of the NIH campuses?

@esperantist I don’t live near any of the campuses. I want to do remote research with an NIH Employee on bionformatics. Is that possible?

@Mahindra I’m not sure. If you are allowed to do this, please update me as it would be convenient for me as well.

@esperantist Ill check with the program coordinators

@esperantist I live sorta near the Maryland campuses as I live right outside of northern Virginia. I would still have to get a place to stay in Bethesda if I were to get an internship because the commute would be too long every day, and Metro is not the most user-friendly.

@abigailgd Your really lucky. I live in SC so the closest campus near me is all the way in Raleigh

@DD2019 We actually have to email the PI’s?

You have to be there to conduct the research. It’s at least a 8 week commitment with 40 hours of work each week. @Mahindra

@abigailgd Ok thx!

when emailing the PIs, are we supposed to include specifics on what we want to research, and how it relates to his/her research?

Ayyyyo how long does it typically take a response to come back from your emails? Do they come back the same day, in a few days, or even longer?

Honestly, it all depends on the PI(s) that you email. You have to stay consistent. I’m reapplying this cycle also. I got selected this past summer & it was nothing short of amazing! I had such an amazing time and learned so much. NIH offers so many opportunities for you it’s insane. It’s something literally everyday to do. I’m hoping for another round. @DjDumpling

@Mahindra This is definitely possible. Two interns who I worked with this past summer did that remotely from literally across the damn world lol. They came here first while doing their 8 weeks, but loved the project so much & stayed on it even once they left.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be applying this year. It’s just too expensive and unrealistic to find somewhere to stay near the NIH campuses (I live in Florida).

@esperantist Same with me. Plus I have other camps to go to in the summer so I don’ want to spend both months doing research

I am still considering whether it is worth applying to this program… I feel as if most high school students that get in have previous research experience or connections – what do you guys think and does anyone know of someone who got in without a previous research experience?

@Deferno54 Do you mean any research internship? I have heard a decent amount of people who got into a research internship without a connection. However, I would recommend you also target smaller schools instead of only the large state schools

Hey guys! I’m currently a HS sophomore new to applying to the NIH SIP…I’ve sent out 10ish emails to PIs so far and got 1 rejection, and 1 maybe…I’m wondering how long I should wait for PIs to reply?

I really want to do this program, but I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to find housing for the whole 2 months. Also, I’m only a high school junior with little to no research experience, and I don’t know if PI’s are even willing to accept high school students. Is it worth the trouble to devote my entire summer to this internship if I do get in?