NJ College with good merit aid - Stockton University near Atlantic City, NJ

Both of my kids have graduated from Rowan University in Glassboro NJ - both debt free!

Rowan offers good merit aid, but as they have become more known and competitive, the merit awards have dipped.
Recently a friend told me about another NJ school with great merit aid. I figured I would pass it along:

Stockton University - COA about $30,000 a year


  • Guaranteed housing for all 4 years
  • Free parking for all 4 years (freshmen allowed cars)
  • 1600 acre campus, 2 lakes
  • one campus is on the boardwalk in Atlantic City (beach / ocean view dorm room!)

Freshman scholarships
Dean’s $7,000 a year, scores of 1250+ SAT or 25+ ACT composite, Top 15% class
Provost $11,000 a year, scores of 1310+ SAT or 28+ ACT composite, Top 10% class
Presidential $18,000 a year, score of 1450+SAT or 32+ ACT composite, Top 5% class
Stockton $2,000 a year, varied test scores/class rank - given for leadership etc.
Urban scholar leadership $2,000 a year, Top 5%, Stockton GPA 3.3, A/B district

Freshman or Transfer: Out of state: $7,128 SAT 1060/ACT 21+ - GPA 2.75/4.0

Transfer: 1,000-2,000 - varied qualifications, 3.6+ GPA

Freshman Awards** *SAT *ACT Class Rank Annual Award
Presidential Scholarship 1450+ 32+ Top 5% up to $18,000 per year
Provost’s Scholarship 1310+ 28+ Top 10% up to $11,000 per year
Dean’s Scholarship 1220+ 25+ Top 15% up to $7,000 per year
Stockton Scholarship varies varies varies $2,000+ per year
Stockton Urban Leadership Award# Top 5% $2,000+ per year
Out-of-State Tuition Scholarship $7,128 per year

Funny @NJRoadie - I just realized this myself a couple weeks ago! S17 just finished up sophomore year at Rowan (full pay). Higher stat D21 is definitely applying there, hoping for honors college, but a good friend works at Stockton so we were talking about it. Don’t forget the oceanfront housing (which is a 12 month lease so can be used for summers at the beach!). Definitely going to take a look!

I heard about Stockton from a student here on CC who studies pre-pharmacy there. They have an articulation agreement with Rutgers School of Pharmacy.


Thank you for this. I especially like guaranteed housing (at least until the school becomes wildly popular), even if it has an appalling lack of single rooms.

Stockton also has a 5 year PA program with Jefferson in Philly.

D20 will definitely apply to Stockton. Since visiting she has no interest in seeing other colleges.

When we visited with D18 three years ago, they did not have four years of guaranteed housing. I’m glad to hear the news about housing, but people should keep in mind upperclassmen may have to take shuttles to get to the main campus for classes. Freshman housing was on the main campus last time we were there, though.

@MACmiracle wouldn’t it be funnier if the younger ones end up at the same school too? LOL We have good taste!

Stockton has an accredited BSW and MSW. The programs might be fairly recent. D is interested in forensics and criminal justice. I think social work might hit her interests while giving her a lot more flexibility. My mom has an MSW and should be retiring, but she keeps working because she gets job offers right and left. I think D will need more concrete job opportunities than those other majors will give and the BSW would reduced grad school costs compared with the other majors.

FYI for anyone coming back to look at this - the Stockton website has been updated within the past week. Freshman award amounts are down about $2k from what’s stated above (except out of state state - that’s the same but a 3.0 GPA requirement) but the class rank component is gone.

@NJWrestlingmom Thanks for the update. That class rank part of the scholarships was a concern here.

@MACmiracle for us too. D21’s school doesn’t rank, but does include a range of GPAs and she most likely won’t be in the top 10/20%. This makes it better for us!

My daughter attends Stockton if anyone has any questions.