NJ got the 2014 Super Bowl....

<p>thread title says it all......get those leg warmers ready.......</p>

<p>We're so excited about this!!!!!</p>

<p>Football played the way it outghta be--10 minutes from my house!</p>

<p>It's the NJ decade. Rutgers to the B10. Multiple NJ based reality shows. The Super Bowl. .</p>

<p>Hope it doesn't snow. I remember some playoff game played at Foxboro in a BLIZZARD. It wasn't even fun to watch on TV because there was nothing but SNOW in the picture. I guess you have to be a diehard fan to want to go to a football game outdoors in January. Sorry...not my idea of a good time.</p>

<p>Football in the North East in the worst part of wnter? Yuck!</p>

<p>Well, anyone who doesn't want to attend, step backwards. Okay, that leaves about 100 million folks who'd still like to see a Superbowl, live.</p>

<p>Football is a northern sport--cold, snow, and all. I love it.</p>

<p>Nothing like getting pampered dome teams out in the elements!!!</p>

<p>As long as the Philadelphia Eagles are in it, it will be a great one. But Superbowls are supposed to be played in warm places so that those of us in the cold wish we were there. There will be no feelings of envy if it's played in a snowstorm. ;)</p>

<p>Good time to ask the question: Why did the powers that be decide NOT to put a dome on the newest, high tech stadium in the biggest market in the entire country? That decision makes zero economic sense. Who profited by this?</p>

<p>The Giants and Jets paid for the stadium. The Giants always want to play in the elements they build their team for the NE weather and winds. The doom would have cost $200 million and would have to be used by league rule in inclement weather- cold or snow etc. Since the Giants did not want to have to use the doom and play inside it was never really an issue.</p>

<p>Exactly-we don't need no stinkin' domes here. We like the weather. The Giants like the weather. One of the team's best games ever was the NFC Championship up in Green Bay, where our Louisiana boy, Eli, outdueled Mr. Cold Weather himself, Bret Favre, in subzero conditions.</p>

<p>Kathie--good luck to your Eagles. I often wear my Superbowl Champions T-shirt around S. Jersey (counteracts all those abrasive Philies/Flyers fans--at least I can have self-respect in one sport!)</p>

<p>I think it's hysterical that people (on the news, in the papers, online) are complaining how cold it's going to be.... </p>

<p>82,000 seats; ya think someone will take "your" ticket if you don't want it???</p>

<p>In the mean time, WNBC last night listed the temperatures in the NYC area during the last 10 super bowls....at least 5 of them were in the 50's..sooooooo......stop complaining...I'm just sorry I don't own a bar/hotel/ anything in the area.....haha......</p>

<p>Some radio station this morning was speculating as to who was going to perform half-time show? a little premature, ya know?</p>

Multiple NJ based reality shows


<p>Bring it on! Good for the Meadowlands - maybe it will be Patriots vs Giants ;)</p>

<p>There will be no shortage of people to go. I think if it happens during a warm spell folks will be dissappointed. Interesting the decision was based on the sucess of the outdoor New Year's day NHL games. If you build it - they will come.</p>

<p>Isn't next year's NHL New Year's Day game in the New York area?...hmmmmm</p>

<p>edit: "Some NHL fans already suspect the 2011 NHL Winter Classic will feature the Washington Capitals vs. the New York Rangers at Yankee Stadium in New York".........this is from the NHL classic website; apparently not decided yet.....</p>

<p>Capitals vs the Rangers in Yankee Stadium.
2010 game was at Fenway park.</p>

<p>If you get the chance, be a volunteer for the Super Bowl. </p>

<p>I was involved in the local public safety side when it was held in Detroit. Planning and implementation is a wonder to watch!</p>