NJ Student Needs Help With College Decisions and Advice (NYU, Lehigh, U Maryland)

<p>I am looking for advice on what schools you guys think I can get into, as well as the possibility of acceptance at my reach schools. </p>

<p>Any other college recommendations would be appreciated. </p>

<p>Am I going to stick out at my reach schools if I do not take the SAT IIs.</p>

<p>Schools: The College of NJ
U of Maryland (sister went there)
Penn State
George Washington </p>

<p>Reach Schools:
Lehigh University</p>

<p>I am interested in studying business or economics.</p>

<p>Rank: 27/496 at competitive NJ public school
GPA: 4.2274 weighted on a 4.6 scale
SAT 1: 1300 (V:620, M:680) </p>

<p>I have taken competitive courses.
Honors English all three years
A-, A-, B+
AP History 1 and 2
A, A (got a 4 on exam)
Science: Bio, Chem, Physics
A-, A, A-
Math: Algebra II, Geom, Pre-calc
B, A, A-
Spanish 1, 2 ,3
A, A-, B </p>

<p>I left out some elective courses and such that are prbably irrelevant.
I am taking 3 APs this year. Economics, Calc, and English. So far this year I have As in 2 of my AP classes, a B+ in English, and A+s in all my other classes. </p>

Editor and Chief of school newspaper 3 yrs, 2 as chief
National Honors Society 2 yrs
National Honors Society of Journ 1 yr
Spanish Club 2 yrs
Chess Club 2 yrs
JSA 2 yrs
Octagon 1 yr
Awards in Geometry and Precalculus, as well as the enthusiastic reader award </p>

<p>I have also been volenteering my time at Habitat for Humanity this year </p>

<p>Any help or recommendations will be appreciated.</p>

<p>You're probably in pretty good shape at most of the schools you're looking at, based solely on your numbers and ECs. However, there's no athletics which may hurt you at schools like Lehigh and Villanova. Except for the editorship of the paper, there's also little leadership evident in what you've presented.</p>

<p>Other schools to consider: Lafayette, Bucknell, Drexel, Union, Rochchester, RPI, Delaware and Missouri.</p>

<p>hey your numbers look very familiar to Collegewannabe another member of this forum that happens to be in Jersey as well. Ask him as you have very similar profiles and schools in mind. I think your numbers are pretty good and should serve you well. You'll be in at all places but as we know this process if very random.</p>

<p>Anyone else have any opinions?</p>

<p>I actually think that if u can raise that sat score to mid 1300s u can raise ur reach schools. Btw where do u go to school anywhere near marlboro. Are u applying ed anywhere</p>

<p>also what about U. of deleware as match and colgate</p>

<p>Colgate likes its scholar-athletes and don't see that athletic part here. Also without that hook, Colgate's looking at 1400 SATs for its scholars. However, if I were the OP, I'd apply ED to either Lehigh or NYU and its business school to give him an advantage, but only if in love with the school.</p>

<p>Your rank is good, but your SAT is on the lower end for NYU. If its your first choice, you should apply early, it will increase your chances tremendously.</p>

<p>You seem like you'd get in to all the others, though Lehigh might be a toss up.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>-NYU class of '00</p>

<p>I live in NJ too-by the shore Manasquan, Spring Lake, Point...</p>

<p>Are SAT IIs important at my reach schools. Should I take them in Dec.</p>

<p>Also, my guidance counselor told me the stats of kids im my school who got into NYU last year. At least 5 got in with lower GPAs and low 1200 SATs.</p>

<p>Anyone, please?</p>

<p>Does anyone else have any input. Would be appreciated.</p>