NJIT acceptance letter came in - is the Honors acceptance a separate letter?

Son got acceptance letter and 10k scholarship.
But we also applied via CA to the Honor program.
No mention of that in the letter so I am assuming it’s a separate thing.

Is it or you just get one acceptance letter?
Also how do you negotiate for more money because while 10k is great it’s still not enough.

Thank you.

Yes, Albert Dorman’s honors college came well after, I think about 2-3 weeks later. Being accepted into the honors college will provide more money to you as well. My son got the separate acceptance letter providing what would amount a free ride to the honors college. He chose RPI in the end and is finishing his first semester.

NJIT is a great school particularly for computer science and information technology. Any other questions feel free to ask me.

I did not get into Albert Dorman’s honors college.

@whereinnj How did you find out that you did not get in to honors college? Can you please share your stats

Oh shoot I checked your previous threads and you had a 1520, that’s crazy that you didn’t get in. I was here thinking I had a garaunteed spot in honors college with a 1460. That hit me really hard.

GPA 92/100
SAT super Score = 1520 R/A/W
SAT math/erw = 800/690 January 21st 2017 6/6/6
SAT math/erw = 620/720 October 7th 2017 5/5/7

All APs last year and this year

Subject tests
Math II 710 05/06/2017 Grade 11
US History 760 05/06/2017 Grade 11

English/Comp 5
Calculus AB 4

I suspect I didn’t get in because they probably wanted to give my slot to someone else thinking this is my safety school and that I can easily afford it and that I probably will go somewhere else.

I got 10k from them. I might attend for one year to get some core classes out of the way and try to make it to another school who will want me.

Thank you!