NJIT Class of 2023

Hello! Starting this thread for all newly accepted NJIT students. Congrats to all! Just getting a feel for who has made a decision to go to NJIT vs. other schools they applied to.

My son was accepted to NJIT with a generous merit scholarship and has also applied to:
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (accepted with a merit scholarship)
Stevens Institute of Technology - waiting for decision
Lafayette College - waiting for decision
Lehigh University - waiting for decision
Bucknell University - waiting for decision

He will more than likely go to NJIT as it is significantly cheaper than any of the other schools he applied to, even with any merit scholarships he receives.

Would love to know anyone’s thoughts as to why their child will or will not choose NJIT over the other schools they applied to.

Son was accepted to NJIT, with minimal scholarship (4K - was exciting at the time, but realize it’s not so great). It is his second choice, still waiting to hear back from TCNJ. Wondering if we should appeal before hearing back. He was accepted to his other 6 schools, but these are #1 and #2. It will really come down to the money, unfortunately, and how much we can afford. ?

Same here, lorelei173…it will come down to money here too. People have told me it is worth the effort to appeal, or at least call admissions and express your son’s desire to go to that school. I have heard it can work to your advantage. TCNJ is a great school too. Good luck!

If u don’t mind me asking what was ur sons SAT score?

Has anyone on this thread applied and gotten accepted to the Honors College at NJIT? If so, what SAT score did u get in with?

@SnoogieMom … well we asked for more money at Accepted Student’s Day on Sunday… and we got it! $7K total. Very nice, very impressed; I was so nervous to ask, but they were so nice!! Making the decision difficult, believe it or not. @InquiringMomof3 … no honors here. ?

@Loreli173 CONGRATS on the extra cash!!! Who did you ask, Admissions office? and what did you say? Did they tell you right there and then?

@InquiringMomof3 thanks!! (Unbelievable, but still not sure if we will take it.) Yes… we walked right into the admissions office and I asked “I’ve never done this before, but who do I ask to get more money?” They looked up my son’s info, and I waited to speak to Stephen Eck directly. He was so nice!! He gave us an answer right there, and even looked into getting more. (He tried!) It took only a few minutes…
I told a friend, she called and emailed on Monday, and they got more $$ as well. Good luck!!?

@Loreli173 Wow! Congrats again!

@Loreli173 , that’s fantastic! Congratulations! We ran into Stephen Eck at admitted students day. He came right up to us and asked how our day was going. He really made us feel welcome. We submitted our deposit as soon as we got home. My son was sold! Any staff we have spoken with at NJIT thus far has been so friendly and welcoming. That goes a long way. Some of the colleges my son applied to have not even reached out to him on e-mail. It’s those little things that eventually make you sway your decision. He was really interested in RPI, but they did not make him feel welcome the way NJIT did. Of course, the financial difference was an influencer as well :slight_smile:

@InquiringMomof3 , my son was waitlisted to the Honors College. He has been admitted as a “regular” student but is just as happy. His SAT score was 1460.

@SnoogieMom Wow! You should be very proud of your son! That’s a great score! Kind of scary… not sure what they want you to score to get into the Honors College??? Ugggg.

@InquiringMom3, I am not really sure…he has 2 friends at the Honors College with similar stats as him. But honestly, he is OK with it. :slight_smile:

My son applied and was accepted into the Honors College. His SAT scores were well over 1400, National Merit Scholarship Commended Student, top 3% of his class. I spoke to the dean at accepted students day in March/April and was told there were over 2000 applications and they accept 165 - 175 students.

@CT3352, I heard the same thing and also heard that they had to narrow it down by only accepting kids with 1500+ SAT. My son had 1460 :frowning:

Best of luck!!

I do believe NJIT Admissions staff are awesome. My Collegeboard SAT scores were going to take few days more. I called admissions office and they said just email us the Collegeboard PDF and we will take care of it. That is awesome. Similar thing happened at Fordham and they threw the book at us. I am a big believer in universities and companies that have a common sense way to do things and being helpful and NJIT aced from that perspective in not supporting the egregious $31 charge from college board to expedite score sends.

I got a message from NJIT saying Decided - Come back in 48 hours for an admission decision, does this mean I got rejected cause if I got admitted it would be admitted. Please reply back I am so nervous!

Got the same message. Is this a good message? What’s your status now?


Hey there! My son is in his second year at NJIT now. I am the one who originally started this thread. Curious how things are going for all who decided on NJIT. My son was liking it in the beginning, but of course Covid put a damper on things. However, even now with things getting a little better, he seems to have trouble meeting people on campus and making friends. He said most people keep to themselves. Admittedly, he is a little socially awkward, but wondering how others are faring? He is involved in some extracurricular activities (I don’t want to say which ones for anonymity), and has great roommates. But I guess he was hoping for a little more of a social environment (even pre-Covid). Anyone else experiencing this?