NJIT class of 2024

We received the acceptance letter, but no mention to any merit scholarship. Is the SAT of 1570, National Hispanic Recognition, AP Scholar with Distinction Award, GPA of 4.0, volunteer work, a job, extracurricular activities, not enough for any merit at NJIT? Anyone could help me understand? Thank you

@mpmars20 The stats you mention are consistent with those that typically get large merit offers and honors college at NJIT. Perhaps email or call your admissions recruiter listed on the application portal?

My son emailed the admissions officer, and 9 days later, her answer was that he should contact the Honors College. He did, they had no answer. I just called admissions, they didn’t have an answer either, but said they will review, and that it looks like he is eligible for merit. Thank you!

Our merit letter was mailed seperately and arrived later than the
acceptance letter.


Did your son get into honors college and did he get merit scholarship ?

We finally got an answer from NJIT. My son got in the Honors College, with merit scholarship. Two different letters of merit scholarship were sent within 3 days, we are contacting them to see which one is the right one.

Congratulations! We are still in HC limbo. May I ask who your son contacted at the Honors college? Did he email the Dean? I just wish we knew one way or another.

Thank you. He called the number given by the admissions office, nobody specifically, not the Dean. It sure took a long time for an answer from the HC, since he applied early action, and it was not easy to wait!

Thanks for the reply. We will contact the HC and see what happens.