NJIT Dorman Honors College - When Do We Receive Merit Scholarship Details? (2025)

Son is accepted to the honors college for Fall 2021.

He inquired of the financial aid office after receiving NJIT’s financial aid offer letter because the “Scholarships” box shows as “NA.”

The NJIT Financial Aid office replied that if (not when) an honors college scholarship is awarded, then the financial aid offer letter will be updated.

It appears from NJIT’s honors college acceptance letter that all honors college students receive a merit scholarship at some level.

Does anyone have experience with this? My son is highly interested in NJIT and he, and we as parents, have appreciated the very professional communications and the feeling that my son is truly wanted there. He even received a handwritten postcard from a current honors college student, to encourage him to give the honors college and NJIT good consideration. We visited NJIT in 2019.

Impressed with NJIT thus far.

In our case, we first received the acceptance letter for NJIT first where it indicated initial amount, then a few weeks later, the Honors letter came with the additional merit , if i remember correctly. I’m not sure if this is how they still do it as it’s been years.

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Thank you. He received the honors college admission letter just about two months ago. No word yet on the merit scholarship. NJIT’s communication has otherwise been pretty great. We can wait a bit more, hoping for good news!

We plan to contact my D21 admission counselor next week. OOS was admitted in November(!) and received generous regular admission merit. His application status for honors essay as “received” but have yet to issue any news about honors. Do you receive a reject status/letter if not accepted?

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Applied EA. Received an admitted decision in November 2020 and an honors college acceptance in December 2020.

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Does your application status portal say…
Decision for the Albert Dorman Honors College Application is:
Honors College Accept (HA)

Does that mean I got accepted???

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Here is how the acceptance to the honors college reads on NJIT admissions status portal:

“Decision for the Albert Dorman Honors College Application is:
Honors College Accept (HA)”

Separately, NJIT issued a congratualtory letter, by mail, and not available on the portal, stating that he is admitted to the honors college.

Cheers :grinning:

Oh ok, thank you so much. So that must mean that I got accepted! Congrats to you as well

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