NJIT, Temple, NYIT, Hofstra, PennState Abington for Mech Egg??

Son got acceptance from NJIT (in-state), NYIT, Temple, PennState Abington and Hofstra for Mech Egg. program.
We have 90% made up our mind to accept offer from NJIT despite not being a big fan of Newark campus setting.
Any advice or guidance will be greatly appreciated if we should be considering other colleges in this list seriously or if we are overlooking something??
There are offers of some financial aids for all other colleges in the list, however. there is a difference of about 7K/8K per year when we compare total cost with NJIT. Cost wise NJIT and PennState Abington are very similar. But he will need to move to Pennstate UP after 2 years, which will be very expensive.
Thanks in advance.