NJIT vs Manhattan College Masters Program in Civil Engineering


I would like to know which is a better school in terms of reputation? According to other states which is more known,… etc. Both will somehow cost the same for me so it is no issue.

Thank you!

Are both for a master’s degree or are we talking 5-year bachelor’s/master’s for one or the other?

I don’t think you can go wrong with either one. Both have long established histories with lots of alumni in the NYC area.

I would give the nod to Manhattan. When I look at alumni earnings at pay scale.com, the two are comparable - both at $65,000 five years out and mid career earnings at $130,000 for Manhattan and $128,000 at Manhattan. This data include those with graduate degrees.

Digging deeper into the salary data, there’s an apples and oranges comparison here. NJIT is a tech/ engineering college. Manhattan Engineering is one of 6 undergraduate schools, so their average salaries are going to include lower paid liberal arts and education majors. The average salaries for their engineering alum are going to be on the higher end of the range ariund that $130,000 averag. So, I expect that Manhattan grads have a noticeable earnings advantage over those from NJIT.