<p>Our son is applying to USNA and has an NJROTC nomination, he was just told by our congressman today, that since he had a nom. he would not be extended an MOC nom. My question is, is one nomination considered "better" than another. Our congressman had 4 applicants with LOAs, so that meant he only had 6 to issue to the members of the district that applied. My understanding is that the 4 with LOAs will be given appointments once they are nominated, does that mean that the USNA chooses one appointee from the other 6? Also, how are NJROTC noms considered, part of the general population of noms, or are they a subset themselves? Any help is appreciated.</p>

unless u have a LOA, that little JROTC puts u as x number of people competing for 17 slots does not look good. I know 3 ppl that gotten in with JROTC slots (20 total, now 3 are gone)</p>

<p>Try to get a Regional Director to talk with them or something</p>

<p>Thanks nike2016, son communicated with Admissions Counselor last week.
so as I suspected, NJROTC noms are a tough path. I saw that class of 2015 had 153 ROTC/NJROTC noms, any idea how many appointments?</p>