NMF 2021, BU as First Choice by 3/1 -- Next Move?

DS expects to be NMF and is applying to several schools that offer NMF scholarships, including BU. When he first submitted his NMF application in the fall, he listed another college with a NMF scholarship as his first choice (back then we hadn’t heard the advice to stay “undecided”). Boston University would become his first choice under certain circumstances, primarily financial, so I believe his first move should be to change his “first-choice college” to BU before their 3/1 deadline. I’m assuming the other college he had chosen won’t know about the switch? And will he learn from BU early enough to change his first choice to another college if BU doesn’t come through with enough aid? By what date does he need to make the change? Perhaps we’ll hear more about this after the Finalists are announced next month? Thanks!

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I have the same question! Daughter is also expecting to be a NMF and didn’t put down BU as her first choice school initially.

I found this: https://blog.getintocollege.com/so-youre-a-national-merit-finalist-now-what-part-1/which says that NMSC reports first choice selections to colleges in early March. And that any changes to the selection need to be made by April 30. At least by March 1 my son will know whether or not he’s made it to the next level in the Olin admission process. Even if he’s still in the running there, though, it seems he should still make BU his first choice in order to be considered for their scholarships… and then switch back in April if he gets a better offer and decides to go elsewhere. Would the other colleges understand this? I wish he didn’t have to go through this game; the whole college application process is hard enough!

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Thanks for that info!

how can we find the list of colleges that award NMF?