NMF Benacquisto

Hello everyone. I am a very-probable NMSF. I am OOS for UF. I just wanted to know the precise steps(NMF application, NMF notification, Acceptance/Rejection UF, NMF college award, deadline for first-choice, Benacquisto etc.). Please be very detailed in describing each and every stage(of course this involves many assumptions). This would be very helpful for my admissions thinking. Thanks.

You can create a detailed timeline using the info at these sites:

and Benaquisto:


Thanks for the info. On UF’s website, it says in-state COA covered. Does that mean OOS not a full ride? That is all I need to know now.

Still a full ride for oos :slight_smile:

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That is what I hoped. But what if the residency changes?

Idk what you mean by “residency changes”

All OOS Benacquisto scholars receive a waiver of OOS fees from the participating Florida schools, including UF.

OK sounds good. FSU looks better ngl due to COVID funding uncertainty.