NMF vs corporate sponsored sholarship

<p>I have a question regarding corporate sponsored scholarship and NMF scholarship. The company that I work for sponsors NMFs for scholarships. If D designates USC as her first choice she will get half-tuition from USC, but will she get corporate sponsored scholarship as well. Is this possible? Please share your experience.</p>

<p>My s is in the exact same boat. My husbands employer also sponsors NM. I called NM and they said that students CANNOT win both awards. The corporate award always comes first. It's not an automatic that NMF get 1/2 tuition from USC anyway (so don't count on that). Trusteee and Presidential have to interview, no exceptions.</p>

<p>Interesting I thought not all NMFs are accepted at USC but once a NMF is accepted, a NMF student gets half-tuition.
I also saw last year winners from my company, one was going to USC so I'm not sure. It seems contraditing. I'll have to call USC again to confirm.</p>

<p>Columbia - I hope you will call USC and let us know. If a student gets either a corporate or NM award, he is not eligible for a college-sponsored award. But my hunch is that because USC calls theirs a Presidential Scholarship, which happens to be based on NMF, it's not going to be preempted by receiving another award. Again, that's speculation, but why else would they award Presidential plus the $1000 per year extra for NMF's?</p>

<p>I called and clarified a few things:
1) Automatic half tuition for accepted NMF to USC
2) USC will allow "combined scholarship" up to $8000. The $8000 is the extra money brings from outside source related to NMF scholarship.</p>

was this from Nat'l Merit or from USC? When I called Nat'l Merit they firmly said that students can only win 1 award and the corporate award comes first. This way they are able to provide more students with awards. My thought is that USC offers NMF 1/2 on their own and not through NM because of what NM said to me. Maybe you can call NM and verify what they told me. Let us know what NM says</p>

<p>I called USC, USC told me USC is the one handing out the merit scholarship. I read the NMSC letter that was sent to D yesterday so I did not call them. Basically I think there are many ways to go around the NMSC, which I read in the parents forum.</p>

As a National Merit Semifinalist, you are only two steps away from receiving USC's Presidential Scholarship. This prestigious award is offered to fewer than twelve percent of our admitted class and is worth one-half tuition ( approximately $17,900) per year for 8 semesters, or 10 semesters for Architecture students.
Furthermore, Finalists who do not receive an additional scholarship from National Merit or a sponsoring corporation, but who designate USC as their first choice, will be named a USC National Merit Scholar and will receive an additional $1,000 per year.


<p>Good to know about the additional $1000.</p>

<p>what does it mean when it says... Finalists who do not receive an additional scholarship from National Merit or a sponsoring corporations (is this the part that National merit told me that you can only get the USC 1/2 tuition if you don't win another award through them?)</p>

<p>guitars - I think USC considers its big 1/2 tuition award a "regular" merit based scholarship, and will add the $1k per year "National Merit" award IF the student has not received the $2500K NMSC award or a corporate award. The implication is that receiving one of the NMSC or corporate awards precludes getting the extra bump from USC, but not the big one.</p>

<p>I'm still confused about what to do with the combined scholarship. I told USC the company that I work for and they said it's ok, they do allow the extra money from my company. But the logistic of how to manage it is a little bit confusing. NMSC will send the NMF to my corporation. But what if the corporation grants D the scholarship and she chooses USC as her first choice. Will this be a problem? I still don't have all the logistic detail work out yet.</p>

<p>I feel pretty clueless about many questions around NM, but I'd guess that she would get the corporate award plus the half tuition award from USC, but not the $1k per year. What I don't know is whether she would have to select USC as #1 before being eligible to receive the corporate award. Does anyone know?</p>

<p>I think there must be some (unknown to me) strategy here regarding when you name your #1 school. My son's list has several colleges that offer NM scholarships, and several that don't. Since he's only been admitted to one so far, it seems too early to name a #1. But if he waits to name #1, does that take him out of the running for either the $2500 NMS award, or is he automatically considered for that? What about any of the college awards? Is there some kind of priority given to those who pick a particular college as #1 earlier than other applicants? Hmm, maybe someone here has advice, but this is so technical that I might also ask it on the financial aid forum. Chime in if you know anything!</p>

<p>It's a good question to ask the parents forum. I'm glad USC is the only school which offers NMF scholarship that D applied. Other schools are full tuition.</p>


<p>Your post 11 is my question... How are the logistics handled if our kids earn BOTH the corporate and list USC as first choice? Does USC give our kids the 1/2 tuition through another avenue and not NMSC? I verified again yesterday with NMSC and they said that through them, they will only give out 1 award and the corporate award is awarded first (therefore meaning that they will not give out the USC award along with the corporate award). It sounds like it would be easier if my s did not win the corporate award then he would automatically get the USC 1/2 tuition through NMSC (because he has listed USC as first choice) and be done with it. But, on the other hand if he earns the corporate award and that award can be taken to any school of his choice, it seems to me that he should be able to get both. </p>

<p>Very confusing to me!</p>

From my corporation, I've seen student with USC sweatshirt receiving NMF scholarship. So I know it can be done.</p>

<p>From USC, I called and asked them and USC said USC allow combined scholarship so I know it can be done.</p>

<p>But the only problem, I'm having is from the NMSC, I don't know what form to check/mark/send to NMSC for a student to receive both. I know when NMSC selects NMF, it notifies my company, then my company hands out award. So how does NMSC know if a student gets a corporate award? How does NMSC know if a student turns down a corporate award? If a student accepts both, how does NMSC make a student just accept one award? I might post this question in the parents forum when my corporation notifies me. Because D put USC as her first choice when she was commended. When she made NMSF, her GC said to leave her fist choice as undecided. But had she put USC as her first choice, would NMSC still sende her name to my corporation? </p>

<p>Too many questions that need to be answered.</p>

<p>guitars, USC gives out 1/2 tuition scholarships to NMFinalists in an effort to bring in Hi Stat students, REGARDLESS of NM corporate scholarships. But, IF your child does NOT receive any other NMF scholarship through a corporate sponser, they will also receive $ 1000/ year NMF scholarship with USC as the sponsering college.</p>


<p>Thanks for the explanation. Now, what happens if a student earns a corporate award and lists USC as first choice and is a NMF? NMSC told me that my s would ONLY get the corporate award (through them) because they only give out 1 award to each winner and the corporate award always is disbursed first. </p>

<p>Thanks to everyone for helping me out with this. I just want to make sure I know what is happening. NMSC told me something different from what USC told me.</p>

<p>The USC scholarship is a USC paid for "merit scholarship" which is only offered to NMF's who matriculate at USC. USC just uses the list of NMF's from NM to decide who they will award these 1/2 tuition schoalrships to. The confusion is that it is often mixed up with the NMSC awards, but really there is no overlap in administration or where the $$ comes from. USC just needs confirmation from MNSC in Mid May that the student has listed USC as their first choice. Then they take it from there.
" NMSC told me that my s would ONLY get the corporate award (through them) because they only give out 1 award to each winner and the corporate award always is disbursed first. "
WHATEVER NMSC award [ Do not confuse this with USC's 1/2 tuition scholarship] NM decides to give out -whether it is the corporate scholarship [ paid for by an outside company] or the one that NM gives [ usually $1000] there will be only one award that comes through THEIR OFFICE.
These are 2 SEPERATE awards. One from the USC. One from NMSC. The only overlap is that at USC, NMF's get BOTH.</p>

USC just needs confirmation from MNSC in Mid May that the student has listed USC as their first choice.


<p>Also listing USC as a student's first choice does not necessarily mean that the student is going to USC either. It's first choice as far as NMF is concerned. But if a student ends up at a different college that does not offer NMF award then technically that student only has received a corporate award. Is this right?</p>

<p>In order for a student to receive ANY NMSC sponsered award, they HAVE to list the college they matriculate at as their FIRST CHOICE. That is why students should hold off sending in the NM card until they have finally decided where they are going to college. The only deadline that counts for notifying NM is in mid May, after the nationwide May 1 notification date for letting colleges know that their offer of admission has been accepted.</p>