<p>I am just looking for clarification. We live in VA. My son posted a 221 on his PSAT which could put him on the bubble. It was pushed up by a 80 on the Writing portion. On critical reasoning he received a 69 and a 72 on math.
The form indicated he is in the 99th percentile. Any idea how many Finalists have come from VA in past years?
Is the process from here to wait for a letter in April to see if he is in the group of 50,000 or will we not hear anything until the Fall when students are notified that they are in either the group of 34,000 Commended and 16,000 Semi-Finalists?<br>

<p>he is definitely in the 50,000 for the April letter. </p>

<p>There have been many, many finalists from VA... that information might be on the CB website, but I don't know.</p>

<p>You will find out in Aug/Sept if your S is a semi-finalist.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p>VA has about 400 semifinalists each year. So, there should be close to 400 finalists each year from VA.</p>

<p>The National Merit Scholarship Corporation's 2010-11 annual report shows 411 National Merit semi-finalists in Virginia a year ago. They don't report the number of finalists in the report, but if the national average of 93.75% (15k of 16k) NMSF's reaching NMF status is roughly the case in Virginia, an estimated 385 students were named as NMF's in your state. </p>

<p>Source: <a href="http://www.nationalmerit.org/annual_report.pdf%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.nationalmerit.org/annual_report.pdf&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>So, it looks like based on the results posted for 2011 VA test takers he will likely be on the outside looking in. Based on roughly 400 semi-finalists/finalists. The only pool he is in is the Writing Skills</p>

<p>Critical Reading 75-80=405 students (he scored 69)
Math 75-80=458 students (he scored 72)
Writing 75-80=440 students (he scored 80)</p>

<p>Am I interpreting this correctly? Of course, we are very proud of these scores, just don't to get his (or our) hopes up about some of the schools that throw big packages at Finalists/Semi-Finalists. Darn TJ in NOVA and Governor's school in Richmond!</p>

<p>No, it doesn't quite work like that. The cutoff is based on the total score, not the individual sections. A lot of kids do really well on one section (like your son did in writing) but not in the other two. So you can't assume that because there x amount of students who scored over 75 in one section, that the whole group did that well in the other sections, KWIM? If you look on his PSAT scores, it will tell you how his scores were compared to others in the state; the 69 & 72 have got to be in the 90th %'s as well. The 69 & 72 are great btw!</p>

<p>Looks like VA's cutoff was 220 last year. Since scores as a whole seemed to have dropped this year, there's a feeling that there won't be huge jumps in cutoffs like there were last year. He's on the bubble (but on the good side!) so you won't know for sure until August.</p>

<p>Only the TOTAL score matters. It doesn't matter if he's low in any one section. Doesn't matter.</p>

<p>Your only concern is whether a 221 will be high enough in your state. Last year it was 220. It would have to rise to 222 (2 points) for your son to miss. While it's still an unknown, it hopefully won't jump that much. </p>

<p>It was 218 the year before. I kind of doubt it would jump 2 points again so quickly. But, we don't really know.</p>

<p>Thanks--sounds like it is time to hurry up and wait!</p>


<p>Use this time to identify schools that give large NMF scholarships. From your screenname, I'm guessing that you're looking at TAMU, but look at the others, too.</p>


<p>Thanks for the advice. Trying to set up some visits quickly to TAMU, USCarolina (while students are there since TAMU shuts down the first week of May) and of course he is now interested in Alabama and Auburn. He wouldn't rule out Ok State or OU either. Want to keep him motivated for the rest of junior and at least first half of senior year. Selfishly of course for A&M!</p>