NMH Tour Guide...

<p>I just spoke with my son and he has signed up to tour students this week and next....so he might meet some of you/your children. I thought that was cool because, gee, I feel like I know some of you.</p>

<p>I called NMH this afternoon, we can't make the dates for 10th grade, so I asked them if we can come at some other days (with different grade).<br>
Keylyme, do you think it's ok ? I mean will we still get the same information as other 10th grader ? Or we will miss something ?</p>

<p>I don't think the information would be that different at all. Enjoy your visit! Most of the snow is gone, but grassy areas could be soft/muddy. The campus is beautiful, unfortunately it isn't at it's best because the grass isn't green yet.
I would let the leaders of the various meetings you attend know that your student is entering as a 10th grader and they will be happy to add/change information as necessary.</p>

<p>keylyme - thank you. We can't wait to visit NMH again !</p>