I read somewhere that students not advancing from NMSF to NMF hear that they are not advancing in early January. I can’t find my source on this. Anyone know if true? And if so, when the class of 2021 might know if they are not advancing??

On February 1, 2021, NMSC will mail a Certificate of Merit for each Finalist to the Finalist’s high school principal.
On February 8, 2021, NMSC will notify Finalists at their home addresses.
Semifinalists who do not advance to Finalist standing will be notified in writing. Notification will be mailed to high school
officials and the students’ homes.
NOTE: NMSC does not make a news media announcement about Finalists because Semifinalists are publicly honored and
approximately 15,000 of the 16,000 Semifinalists are expected to reach the Finalist level. A Semifinalist can advance to
Finalist standing and be considered for a National Merit Scholarship in only one specific annual competition. "

Thanks. So they don’t really say when that happens in January. Guess we’ll just hope for no mail. :wink:

It’s implied that non-finalists hear on the same dates, but not actually stated. That would mean nothing happens in January.

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Actually, NMSC mails out notices in January to those who did not advance to finalist. Judging from previous years, notices were probably already mailed out. If you haven’t received anything by the end of next week or so, your kid is probably in the clear for progressing to finalist.

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I just checked last year’s thread and notices of non advancement were mailed out Friday, the 10th of January. So they were likely mailed out last Friday.

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