NO 8 at waitlist for 21-259, what are my chances?

<p>just saw my schedule on SIO for the very first time and guest what? I was registered for 21259A instead of H, which overlapped with another course of mine. Must be a stupid mistake I made when I registered for classes.</p>

<p>So I dropped 21259A and registered 21259H and now I'm on a waitlist (8 out of 8). What are my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>I mean if eventually I don't, I gotta find another course to take and that may just mess up with my entire schedule and I have to register for lots of other courses. I drives my crazy just thinking about all these!!!</p>

<p>talk to flaherty. the problem is that the lecture is huge ~150-200, but your recitation (H) will be in a tiny room that can handle no more than ~20-25. Look for another recitation that fits in your schedule but has a smaller waitlist.</p>

<p>Thanks bco09
Section H is the only section that works for me. </p>

<p>When is the best time to talk to flaherty? Now or after the school begins?</p>

<p>You can email him now, but don't hold your breadth...</p>

<p>Register for another section--even if it means you have to move physics to the early spot- ...</p>

<p>Don't skip math this semester....keep going with the flow....some people take 260 before 259, but 260 is a killer course and 259 is relatively easy---so I'm told.... DFQ is painful-- but it can be taken before 259-- so that's an option</p>

<p>you're in cit right? Ask Kurt to help you...he can add you if there's a very good reason...there has to be no other place you can take the class...(time of day is not a reason)</p>