No ACT or SAT Subject Test - Is it too late?

<p>Well, I applied to the remainder of my schools a few days ago, and I found out Brown requires 2 SAT Subject Tests or the ACT in addition to the SAT in order to be considered for admission, of course after I already completed everything. It seems I would be looking at taking the ACT in February and submitting it ASAP if I were to finish the application requirements. Would this be too late?</p>

<p>From Brown</a> Admission: About the Application :</p>

A word about the College Board “Score Choice” for Regular Decision candidates: You are welcome to take advantage of the Score Choice option, but we strongly urge you to have completed all your required testing by the December 3rd SAT test date, and that you have arranged for your results to be sent directly to Brown on or before our January 1st Regular Decision deadline. We would not be able to read your application until we receive a full set of official test scores, so it is to your advantage for us to have those test results in hand by the end of December. You may still submit scores from the January administration of the SAT, and they would be added to your file.


<p>It sounds like the January SAT is the absolute last test date Brown would accept. But it also sounds like they need to have at least one complete set of scores before January 1. If I were you I would call and ask because this could make or break your consideration for admission.</p>

<p>The February ACT seems like it would be much too late if they cannot consider your application until they receive your scores.</p>

<p>I agree with nina. Call the admissions office and save yourself the trouble of taking an ACT that they might not use.</p>