No admission decision has been made at this time. Anyone else ?

I applied for the term of fall 2015 with a 3.4 gpa and 1500 sat as a business admin major and still haven’t gotten an admission decision and its already april. When i called the admission office they said that that they’ll have a decision by the end of this month. Is it safe to say i got rejected ?

same for me, i checked today and it says my application has been sent to the EOP office and i have a 2.68 gpa and 1560 on SATS

OMG! same for me. I have been checking my portal everyday. I live in San Diego and have a 3.2 gpa with a 1500 sat. I also applied as a theatre major. Still, no decision has been made for me. I called them and said that I should find out by April 15th.

Same for me. They have one of my to do list items labeled as inititiated even though they’ve already received it. I emailed them & they said it’d take a few weeks to process. Hope they make a decision soon! :frowning:

Same here. Can you guys post when you hear anything (accepted/rejected)? I will do the same. Thanks

Omg I thought I was the only one! I applied in November with a 3.5 gpa for the kinesiology program and I still haven’t heard anything.

Same Same :confused: Psych Major 3.36 but I’m a transfer student and I applied in mid-November.

I got in today. I have a 2.97 gpa and 1600 sat. if I got in, you guys probably did too!! :slight_smile:

I still have not heard back from Fullerton and I have been checking my account daily. I have a UC/CSU GPA of 3.14, SAT score of 1590, and an ACT score of 25. I applied as a Business Major and Communitcations as my alternative. I have already completed all I needed to do on my to-do list, which was my 7th semester transcript, so I have no idea why I have not heard back from the school yet. They are seriously lagging. This is my second choice if I do not get into UCR. I have only been accepted to CPP as of now.

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@Jarolyn What major did you get accepted as?

@rosettepetals I applied as undeclared. I did not think I would have gotten in but I am local to the area so that probably increased my chance. Actually my gpa is 3.03 weighted if that makes a difference. B-)

They have to give us a decision before May 1st, right?

May 15th is the date I got when I called admissions. They said they were just finishing up incoming freshman and just getting to transfer students. Which doesn’t make sense to me because it looks like some transfer applicants got decisions a while ago. [-O<

But it should be by May 1st for incoming freshmen?

@evelynx yes, I believe so. I e-mailed them about this earlier this week and they said they are trying to finish admissions by the end of this month, meaning next week. I just got in today!

I got in yesterday as well! :slight_smile:

~X( :-w #-o I hate this wait

anyone else still waiting?

I called admissions today. Was admitted almost immediately after talking to them! :slight_smile:

Phew…got an acceptance today. Check your portal, you might have too.