no admitted student overnights?

my S acceptd + considerng dickinson top 3. cannot make the 4/8 admttd student Sat. Why is there no option for an admitted student overnight on campus/with current student? ‘made to order’ days only during day correct?

Have you contacted the school to ask about an overnight visit? I’m not sure if it’s an option, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. I would imagine it would pose both administrative and potential liability issues that the college might not want to take on.
Personally, I’m not sure an overnight experience is that essential in helping decide. Time in the classroom and time talking with other students and asking good questions, I think that’s most important. Good Luck!

My daughter, a current Sophomore, never did an overnight. A custom day visit, which included 2 classes she wanted to sit in, plus lunch with a current student, was enough to give her an idea of the feel of the college. She had already done a campus tour and info session on a previous visit.

If it is your son’s first time at Dickinson, he can add the campus tour and info session to the Day Visit. I would contact Admissions now for a visit on a day of your choice in April.


Maybe they have changed it, but my kid stayed overnight when she went to accepted student visit days at Dickinson. Ask admissions.

I was accepted early action at Dickinson and just decided to enroll today. A big factor in my decision was my overnight stay back in early march (right before the admitted students open house).