No AP Calculus junior year = no ivy league?

<p>Is it true that if you don't take at least AP Calculus AB junior year, then it'll hurt your chances of getting into an ivy league?</p>

<p>I'm currently in pre-calculus as a junior. I had the option to take AP Calc and skip pre-calc, but I made a wrong decision and I took pre-calc instead. I'm scared that not taking AP Calc as a junior is going to get me rejected from Columbia (which is my dream school). I'm taking AP Calc AB next year (which is as high as my school goes up to), but did I totally kill my chances of being considered as a candidate for an ivy league? Thanks.</p>

<p>Really depends on your major. If you are going into engineering or a natural science field, it will make you look subpar against their other applicants ( this holds somewhat true for business degrees, but not as much). If you are going into liberal arts, the. Your chances will likely not be affected since you are pre-disposed to dislike math as one of those majors.</p>

<p>I can see why you might think this but it is not in my experience not true. In fact at my school they don't offer ap calc as a junior you have to take pre-calc and we matriculate many people to ivies each year. However my school offers ap calc bc and generally the people who get into ivies take bc. But I don't think you should worry about not taking ap calc as a junior just take as many ap's as you can next year</p>

<p>Not at all true. Let me give an example. At my school, we don't offer AP Calc until senior year (at which point you either do a regular/honors class or go into AP Calc AB or BC based on your track in math up to that point.) Yet we still have 20+ Ivies acceptances and many more top tier acceptances each year.</p>

<p>Also, it depends on what courses your school offers overall. If your school only goes up to AP Calc AB, then it's perfectly fine (and expected) that you would take that in senior year. They won't look down upon your schedule based on what your school doesn't offer. Rather, they want to see how you utilized the classes that are available at your school to take a rigorous schedule.</p>

<p>YESYESYESYESYES!!!!! Thank you all SOOOOO much! I was literally tormenting myself for two weeks about this. I'm probably going to apply as an English major. Thank you so very much!</p>

<p>you should be fine. I know someone who didn't even do pre-calc until senior year (she did algebra 2/trig junior year) and got into Cornell (not columbia, but still ivy)</p>