No application fees or fee waivers

The old CC had a thread on colleges with no application fees, usually if applications were submitted online.

S received an application from Goucher today with a fee waiver valued at $40 valid until Nov. 15 if he applied Early Action. The EA deadline is Dec. 15.

<p>Case Western waives the application fee on-line.</p>

<p>Some schools may give you a fee waiver if you go to one of their special sessions on campus - Allegheny did this, nice touch.</p>

<p>Brandeis may waive the on-line fee if you showed interest early-on. I am not sure if they look at your stats as well for this. </p>

<p>If fees are an issue - it won't hurt to e-mail admissions and ask about a waiver at any school.</p>

<p>Boston University reduces the application fee by $10 if you apply online (this was the case last year).</p>

<p>I think kenyon is free online</p>

<p>Tulane has a free on line for EA, Mount Holyoke does free on-line</p>

<p>Daughter applied to Willamette and Lewis & Clark with no fee using the Common Application.</p>

<p>There was apost in the old cc thing you can search for it under and search for free app online and there'll be a huge list</p>

<p>Also, you can go to the common application site and download the deadlines/list of colleges/requirements pdf form which lists has a whole column for fees (it will say waived or 0 for the colleges that have no fees)</p>