No Ap's but associates degree of science?

Is it bad that I will have no AP classes done by the time i graduate?

I’m in an early college program, but in transcripts, its referred just as normal high school.

However, once I do graduate high school, I will have also graduated with an associates degree in science.

I want to go to Georgia Tech, I’m a black student, will that be seen negatively regarding the lack of AP’S i have?

sidenote: at my school counsellors choose our classes, were not allowed too.

It depends on what the college courses are. GT and other colleges will want to see your college record as well as your high school record for frosh admission.

College courses may be:

  • Lower than college frosh or AP level (often considered remedial from a college standpoint). For example, preparatory (high school level) chemistry and physics, precalculus, college algebra, or other lower level math.
  • College frosh level, which AP tries to emulate. For example, general chemistry, single variable calculus, introductory psychology or economics, introductory statistics (not calculus-based).
  • Higher than college frosh or AP level. For example, organic chemistry, multivariable calculus, calculus-based statistics.

If the college is a community college, see if your state universities have transfer credit articulation listings for that college’s courses. Check whether the courses you took transfer and what they are equivalent to at the state universities.

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