no ap's senior year?

<p>hey, so i haven't been able to get any ap classes for my senior year because all the classes were filled up, does this have a major impact on admissions(UC's in particular)? this is my sophomore and junior year btw:
Sophomore: Trig/Pre Calculus Honors A/A
World History AP A/A
English Honors B/B
Physics A/B
Spanish A/A</p>

<p>Junior: AP Calculus BC B/A
Ap Physics B B/A
and the rest were just core classes, all A's</p>

<p>i'm planning to take CC classes in the spring,i applied to UCI,UCLA,UCSB,UCSD, help appreciated!</p>

<p>It's too late to have remorse on your schedule, what's done is done. No point in looking back at what could have been. Take CC courses if you feel that they will help you succeed in college, not to boost your application. I'm learning the hard way that top 20 colleges are top 20 for a reason, especially with senioritis.</p>

<p>UCs will be calculating your GPA from sophomore and junior year, and will be looking at your planned and in-progress senior year schedule. Actual college courses (if UC transferable, see Welcome</a> to ASSIST if at a community college) will look as good as or better than AP courses.</p>