No ceiling lights in Clara Dickson?!

Yes. Many, if not all, of the rooms in Dickson have no ceiling light. The only lights provided are built into the desk. So I strongly recommend purchasing a floor lamp. A fan is also a great investment. </p>

<p>Demi Perry (A&S '13)


<p>I noticed the above in the Q&A section of the Class of 2014 site and frankly I'm a little surprised at the idea of not having any ceiling lights. Can any other recent Clara Dickson residents confirm or deny this? If it matters, I'll be living in a single on the 4th floor, side 6.</p>

<p>isnt that the case with other cornell dorms too? mews/kourt and maybe even donlon too?</p>

<p>Sorry to get off topic, but does Clara Dickson have telephones in the rooms?</p>

<p>Yes, they have telephones. But no one uses them.</p>

<p>That's rather inconvenient I guess... what other things other than floor lamps do we need which may be helpful?</p>

<p>Very few rooms have ceiling lamps. I think a majority of the ones that do are on the 5th floor. I would recommend getting a floor lamp (not a spider lamp) and possibly a desk lamp if you don't like the one provided. Not sure what else you might need apart from regular dorm items. There will be time during orientation week to get last minute stuff.</p>

<p>there aren't ceiling lights in Mews or donlon, but there are wall lights. it's not a huge difference</p>

<p>IIRC there will no longer be actual PHONES provided in dorm rooms...</p>

<p>i do think you can bring your own phone and use it though?</p>

<p>but i still heard that CKB and Mews have better lighting overall in the room. dickson was rather dim when i visited.</p>

<p>For what it is worth my room over Reunions in Dickson 5-1 had a ceiling lamp.</p>

<p>I definitely recommend purchasing a nice low wattage, yellow-tinted CFL desk lamp when you get to Ithaca -- the fluorescent desk lamps cast an awful blue hue over everything.</p>

<p>D lived in the 46-- section of Dickson - no ceiling lights. Bring a floor lamp if you can!</p>

<p>You can bring your own phone, but honestly if you have a cell phone that is sufficient.</p>

<p>I think the first floor of Dickson (2-5 and 2-6) have ceiling lights, but the rest of Dickson do not.</p>

<p>There are not telephones in Dickson, except for the ones in the hallways which don't really work and are used by no one.</p>

<p>I think there might be a telephone cable outlet for you to plug in a telephone, but no one uses them and I don't know how well they work. A cell phone will suffice just fine.</p>

<p>Also, consider getting some powerful light bulbs for your floorlights cause that will make your room a lot cheerier.</p>

<p>I'm an international, so I'll probably have to buy my floor lamp at Ithaca itself. Where is the best place to find them?</p>

<p>There's a Bed Bath and Beyond in Ithaca. I'm picking up most of my stuff there and I'll have to buy a floor lamp too.</p>

<p>srrinath- target, walmart too</p>

<p>there is a bus that takes you to the mall, where the target is. pretty convenient!</p>

<p>and ps dickson is an AWESOME dorm. i was jealous i didnt live there, and that my best friend had such a great time on her floor! i was the + in their 4-5+ group since i was always there :)</p>

<p>@CUAmbassador11 I was the RA on 4-5 lol</p>