No Chatroom..takes Away From Postss!

<p>hellooo..ppl we are trying to beat the others..not go takes away from the CC feeling..and hello our goal..BEAT PRINCETON..we came soooo far..#2..dont chatrooM!..:)</p>

<p>why not do chatroom AND post at the same time?</p>

<p>i thikn that's smart.</p>

<p>Why should care if we "beat" the other posters? Does it really matter?</p>

<p>chat room COLUMBIA. besides, beating yale in quantity is easy, quality of posts is more difficult to come by. everyone could just post a single letter every minute... ~watches as everybody scrambles to do that~</p>

<p>hehe...nahh i dont like the idea of a chatroom because then other ppl who arent on cant read the stuff..conversations easily dissolve..i dont know..what im tryna say..but u guys have fun! i guess..</p>

<p>i concur~~~</p>

<p>live conversations>message boards</p>

<p>megamike23 r0x</p>

<p>i absolutely disagree. the chat room is wonderful and i love it, and really couldn't care less about posts anymore. we find out friday, and the chat room is much more intimate...i know everyone in it so much better than the ones that are just on the forums. it's a lot funnier as well.</p>

<p>plus, no 60 second ... crappy rule</p>

<p>both are fun! i'm using both!</p>

<p>Is there a chatroom right now?</p>

<p>i say we should start one.........................</p>

<p>there is a chatroom right now, just invite yourself into the chatroom COLUMBIA on aim</p>

<p>no one's talking about anything significant, though...</p>

<p>do we ever talk about anythign significant?</p>

<p>everything is already changin...heh..</p>

<p>like what, pray tell?</p>