no clue where to apply o_O

<p>which schools should i be looking at?? i'm planning on doing ED but i've no idea where..</p>

junior, asian american female from moderately competitive school (3rd in county) in MD
class rank- currently 4/367
gpa- 4.0 as of now
psat- 1420 (will take SATI Dec 4.. eek) also plan on doing new one
no SAT II's but expect will be 700+
AP's: World Hist (4) Chem (3)</p>

<h2>taking 5 AP's this year but only 4 exams, planning to do 4-5 ap's next year also</h2>

varsity badminton every yr except fresh.
10 yrs piano, 6 violin (didn't enter any competitions or anything.. should i send in a tape?)
160 hours at local hospital
Key Club treasurer
school literary magazine</p>

<li>should i bother joining any more clubs like environmental/SADD?? what else can i do to improve my chances?</li>

thanks so very much :)</p>

<p>it might help to think about what you want to major in... that will make a bigger impact on your life than where you go to college... if you have no idea what you want to major in, look at schools with lots of majors that seem to have a good reputation. but it helps to have some idea what you want to do.</p>

<p>probably pre-medicine..</p>

<p>i don't really know as of now</p>

<p>well, for pre-med, John's Hopkins, Duke, and Cornell come to mind...</p>