No conclusion for essay?

<p>Unfortunately today time ran out and i didnt get to write a conclusion. About whats the highets possible i can get on the essay wihtou ta conclusion. The rest of the essay was pretty solid.</p>

<p>Well, assuming that other parts of your essay are FLAWLESS, the max you can get I'd say is 10.</p>

<p>ehh it wasnt flawless but it was solid
hopefully a 9 lol sighh. lol
i could nto think of any good examples for the life of me and ran out of time. I kept looking at the clock too. So dumb of me.</p>

<p>While we're at it, what about a 1 sentence conclusion? I only had room to restate my thesis. That's not that bad is it?</p>

<p>1 sentence is fine as long as it captures every point that you made throughout the essay.</p>

<p>On my last SAT test, I rememeber I had 1 sentence for the conclusion, yet I ended up getting a score of 12 on it.</p>

<p>Yeah, my son wrote a terrific essay, but ran out of time. No conclusion cost him. One scorer gave him a 5, another gave him a 4. (He got 700 in writing overall). Good luck!</p>