No decision yet...rejected?

<p>i STILL havent recieved my admissions decision...has anyone else not recived theirs yet? Does this mean i'm probably rejected?</p>

<p>Have you checked to make sure they have received your application?
You should have heard by now one way or the other. I'd call them today.</p>

<p>I do know of one other person who as of Sunday 4/17 had not heard, and had been told the last decisions would be mailed 4/15. But I agree with ctmom - call them.</p>

<p>I actually know someone who hasn't heard either. I love Miami and am excited to go there but their admissions department is screwed up. They had me down as a RD applicant and I would have never found out unless my parents called. They even sent me a letter saying they had gotten my app and it was coded ED so call cuz maybe they thought u were applying for the winter or something.</p>