No Early Action Confirmation Email - The Story of One Boy's Possible FML

<p>Did everyone get a confirmation email from the admissions office? The common app says my application was downloaded on November 1st, but no email like I received from my other schools. (In fact, Case has sent me 10 emails confirming my application, either because of glitches or because it really wants me to attend.) I emailed my regional admissions officer, and am waiting for a response, but in the meanwhile, am I good? Another pressing matter, GO MAROONS!</p>

<p>You can call the admissions office if you're concerned: (773) 702-8650 </p>

<p>Usually there is a delay, but this does seem longer than usual... I wouldn't worry about it too much. Even if something did go wrong, they're understanding.</p>

<p>Hey, thanks! My regional rep got back to me and gave me my account with a reset password. Now I'm good to go!</p>