No extracurriculars but good reason?

<p>I'm a junior and high school and i have helped the drama crew for 1 musical and 1 play but that was just volunteer with a friend of mine. This year I spoke at the university of southern Maine about being an immigrant, again volunteer work. Now i haven't done any extracurricular activities but I have things at home that were more important and I'm wondering how can I tell colleges about this when I apply?</p>

<p>Your essay can reflect how your family requires you to devote your free time to tending to family needs. Speaking at the college is worth a mention in your essays, especially how it affected you.</p>

<p>Very few colleges factor ECs into admission. Most --particularly public universities -- ase admission on one's stats and (for public universities) your state of residence.</p>

<p>The few colleges that do factor ECs into admission are top colleges like Harvard, which get such an overabundance of highs stat applicants that those colleges can pick and choose from among those to create an active class with a diversity of interests.</p>

<p>The colleges that do use ECs as admission factor regard things like having home responsibilities like having to take care of siblings while parents work as the equivalent to strong ECs.</p>