No full in person likely next fall

For anyone considering GW next fall, the president had said that unless everyone is vaccinated there will still not be a return to campus. Personally I feel this is premature. So if you want to take your chances and dont care if if you are DC, and want to study IA or other strong majors, then continue to apply and consider. But if you want to be in person some where in the fall, please consider other schools. Until the pandemic hit, GW was great in many ways , but since LeBlanc has become president, it has gone really downhill. The pandemic really showed the schools weakness. How he can make such a bold statement 9 months in advance is beyond me. For sure in the next few years GW’s rankings will go down.


If this is the case there is no way my son is going to GW. What an ignorant thing to say 9 months before classes start in the fall? Is the school trying to lose students?


@sdl0625. I was just coming here to type the exact message you posted above. So, so disappointed and frustrated with the GW Administration. The lack of effort to figure out options—-like ALL other schools are doing—-is ridiculous. Absolute waste of money at this point.

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This is very frustrating. I tried to approach this with my son, who has applied ED, but he is in the middle of exams and didn’t want to discuss. I hope ED decisions don’t come out this week, so I have time to really talk about the implications of this with him. My older D goes the The University of Miami, and they are mostly online with some in person, but the president announced they are shooting for all in person, come fall. I can tell you, online is not the same, and tons of kids are struggling with it. I am with poster above, are they trying to scare us off, because, if that’s the case, it’s working!

I would expect the prez to moderate his statement by tomorrow after the admissions director has a chance to discuss it with him. Fauci expects the majority of people to get vaccinated by summer. I wouldn’t be surprised if many colleges don’t let unvaccinated students come on campus next fall. Colleges potentially could purchase doses of the vaccine themselves to administer on campus.

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But why would he say this? How idiotic! Is he trying to sabotage the school?

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Very frustrating! Trying to decide whether to have our son pull his ED application. I do not want him married to a school that is not committed to an in person semester. I know promises can’t be made, and things happen, but most other schools are stating they want in person and will push for in person. Trying to process. My son LOVES GW, but after witnessing in person at the University of Miami, and my friends children at various colleges, it is not going well for the kids. UGH! Like I said, things happen, but this president isn’t instilling confidence in me! He needs to watch Dr. Frenck from UM. He at least instills confidence!

I would think that a statement will be made to “modify” what he said , or “put it in context”, but this is unfortunately not the first time LeBlanc has said something stupid and then had to retract. to be the president of a University one should behave accordingly. Until the BOD ousts this guy, the school will continue a downhill path. I will say that the education itself and professors have been great, and up until Covid, aside from the admin a fantastic place. But since Covid every decision made have not been good. They are not even trying to have any in person graduation as well. If you are full pay, not worth it. But if you get a great merit package and grants, and can stick it out it is a great school with wonderful internship opportunities.

Unless something else bad happens I feel that Fall semester will be the “new normal”: masks and some social distancing on campus. And as mentioned above student/faculty/staff who refuse to be vaccinated will not be allowed on campus.

For the GW president to say anything less at this point is reckless.

Based on LeBlancs comments I would not recommend attending this school. My daughter is applying to other schools. This school has proven to be overpriced without any concern for the welfare of the students.

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I would not apply ED if at all. This school has shown no compassion or transparency through all of this, they have not listened to any parents or students concerns. They just keep patting themselves on the back about how great virtual has been and it hasn’t!

Any updates - will classes be in person in the Fall?

its hard to say. there was some communication that they are hoping that fall will be close to normal.

This is the latest update about the fall semester planning. There should be another update in April:

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we remain confident that we will be in person to the fullest extent possible this fall.

So the early pronouncement was indeed premature.

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Dont Trust a thing that GW is telling anyone. They had the audacity to say how “pleased” they are that graduation is virtual. This is an insult to the class of 2021.

I have completely lost faith in anything this school does. They dont care about their student’s feelings.

GW just announced on the admitted students zoom seminar that GW will be in-person this fall!

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