No Happy News at My Desk...

<p>You can't imagine how many kids in the northeast would LOVE to go to Berekely - just about impossible to get in! Best of luck to your daughter and congrats on her Regents.</p>

<p>What an amazing crop of kids are applying this year! I look at people I know who did go to the schools these kids cannot get into, and I KNOW the competition was never like this. Your daughter did everything she could do, a real super achiever. The playing field will be considerably different in the real world when this bunch of students graduated, because MOST of the best and the brightest will not come from the traditional schools. Everything will have changed in terms of how we all perceive college admissions and what they mean. Your daughter knows she is appreciated, loved, supported, and destined for her own great things. You can all be proud.</p>

<p>Early this week when my son was nervous I hugged him and told him that whether he is accepted or rejected he is the same wonderful person with the same talents, abilities and great future.<br>
When he was accepted at a school he really wanted to attend I told him I loved him and was proud, but would have been so even if he had been rejected.
This is the second time through this process and both my kids were accepted at great schools but I think it a very hard and negative experience for kids and in some ways they are exploited by the colleges. I wish there was an alternative possible.</p>

<p>krona - That was a very good way of expressing what many of us (or at least me) have been trying to say about this whole process. Thanks for saying it so well!</p>

<p>Here is another perspective....I have an extremely talented niece in florida....recruited at top ivy's and other Big 10 schools..... she chose to accept the tender from CAL Berkeley OVER both Yale and Harvard and her folks are excited about all their upcoming visits to San Francisco and Berkeley. </p>

<p>I visited Berkeley summer of '03 as my son was attending a Stanford program ... and loved how easy it was to train from San Francisco to the school.... you can get all the schedules, including which trains allow bikes .. right off the web... awesome easy area to manuever in... I had been told it was run down, but, I thought the campus was magnificent... very impressive buildings etc... </p>

<p>I completely agree that for folks on the East Coast, Berkeley is highly desireable...and very unattainable. And similiar to another thread, use the delta in the regents money to do something special one summer or one term...... I think Garland said that above also......</p>

<p>My position has always been, love EVERY school on your list...envision yourself at each and every school....if you can't then take it off... cause you will be going to one from your application list..... so take the advice from SAC and start getting really familiar with the Regents web site so that you can feel the pride of her accomplishments... it is enviable by all. </p>

<p>Best wishes for the weekend.</p>

<p>Alum, I thought of you yesterday when I heard the fedexes were on their way. I, too, am sorry for your daughter's disappointment, but am also sure this tale will have a happy ending. All the best.</p>

<p>Alum: Please tell us how your D fared w/Stanford and Princeton (especially Princeton!)...I'm sure I speak for most (all?) of us when I say we feel a really personal interest in the outcome!</p>

<p>Berkeley is one of the world's greatest universities. A regent's scholarship is impressive. Stay positive, denials to H and C, even among highly qualified students, are legion. Warmest congratulations on her success.</p>

<p>The story had a happy ending. Alumother's daughter went to and graduated from Princeton.</p>

<p>Her post there;</p>

<p>"Welcome everyone! I'm a mom of a 2009 graduate and a 2012 rising junior. Oh and also a '78 alum. I love the school and am happy to see you all here and will help answer questions where I can. "</p>

<p>The happy ending occurred when the daughter got into Berkeley with a scholarship. This was one of the most tiresome threads I've ever read on CC, and it did no favors to the current CC users or the reputation of CC as an elitist bastion to dredge up a thread where a parent is agonizing over a couple of Ivy waitlists after a Berkeley acceptance and a bunch of other posters are commiserating over this tragic event. Good grief. Fortunately I think CC has morphed over the intervening years, so that this sort of "woe is me" thread would not be so likely to appear today.</p>

<p>Thank you Mommaj for that necessary dose of reality. I can see that the mom was upset, and as a junior member I am perhaps offending people with a more nuanced sense of the history of that situation, but I am with you: I just can't get worked up about a tragedy of this magnitude. Now if you could just come slap around some of the folks in S's HS, I'd be really appreciative.</p>

<p>Good grief. Did someone really call up a 7 year old thread??</p>

<p>This thread was really a blast from the past. I'd sure like to get an update from some of those "old timers" who ceased posting on CC. We shared a lot of information and ups and downs. Come back, Shane. . . </p>

<p>Personally, I think MommaJ's a little hard on us. Most of the posts are simply sympathetic to Alum because of her daughter's disappointment and are actually complimentary toward Cal Berkeley.</p>

<p>Different times. Different dynamics. </p>

<p>You cannot judge a thread without the correct context.</p>

<p>You know, we were actually just sharing the news of the day.. not so much woe is me. It was a smaller group, no one was broadcasting what they were having for dinner on Facebook and CC was not as well or widely known. People cared (they still do, but they did then). Every single person in that old timer thread was someone who, for example, contacted me and Momrath on 26 December 2004... when the tsunami hit. I too wonder about Cheers, Marite, Berurah, Achat, Andi and others.. </p>

<p>I have a rising junior so I will make it a point to only post sensible and PC posts this time around in the evolved version on CC... or not.</p>

<p>Blast from the past....</p>

It was a smaller group, no one was broadcasting what they were having for dinner on Facebook and CC was not as well or widely known.


<p>Hmmm . . . CC was our pre-Facebook Facebook. That's an interesting observation.</p>

<p>wow, reading this old thread – makes me nostalgic for the kinder and gentler days of CC.</p>

<p>^Really. And alumother is the kindest and gentlest (and most insightful) of posters.</p>

<p>I remember reading alumother's post back in 2005. I agree that CC was a bit kinder and gentler back then. I also remember a number of posters who were really talented writers - this thread is a good example.</p>