No honors classes freshman year... College chances?

<p>I'm about to go into my freshman year of high school (I know this is a college website, I'm just really focusing on my future haha), and I noticed I have no honor classes for my freshman year. In my eighth grade year I always managed a's, and a b/b+ for math. I got accepted into honor society and always got good grades. I don't know why, but they didn't put me into any honors classes for my freshman year. My teachers said if I manage excellent grades, I will be put into honors classes for sophomore year, and my expectations are to get AP classes for junior year.
I want to get into Ivy League colleges, and although everyone says freshman year doesn't really count, will my chances for ivy leagues be affected in any way if I don't have honors classes but manage excellent grades?
PS- I want to be a lawyer when I'm older, so I would LIKE colleges like Cornell, Columbia, and my top, number one choice of a college is Harvard.</p>

<p>Save those Ivies for law school. Law school admissions do not depend on institutional prestige, as long as you can put your act together in college and on the LSAT, you can attend an Ivy for law school. This means 3.75+ in college and 172+ on the LSAT (except for Yale, in which case you need to do law-related ECs as well)</p>

<p>Ivies are reaches for anyone for undergrad. Matches and safeties should be planned aroud the fact that they should not take freshman year into account.</p>

<p>So no freshmen have honors courses? or what? In terms of competitive college admissions, you’re compared to your peers. So not having honors courses with your peers wouldn’t be detrimental. Just take a courseload that compares to your peers. </p>

<p>Regardless of where you do ultimately end up going, these three things you should keep in mind: Get great grades, do great things and do whatever it is that you enjoy. If you do these three things, the place you’ll end up going to school will be the place that’s best for you. Be that, your state school, small liberal arts, ivys etc.</p>