No humanities SAT Subject tests?

<p>Will Ivies care if I only have Bio, Chem and Math II? If it makes a difference I got a 5 on AP Euro last year and I took AP Lang and APUSH this year.</p>

<p>Bio - 780
Chem - 760
Math II - (Taking in June)</p>

<p>I registered for US in June as well but I honestly don't think there is any way I will do well on it and I have some important school projects that are a large portion of my grade + finals to focus on this week. I can take Lit in November or December if I do well on the September ACT (first time) or the October SAT (2070 = highest score so far >.<).</p>

<p>I know of many people who have gotten into an ivy who only took the Math II subject test and a science subject test. I don't think the fact that you haven't taken any subject tests in the humanities will have a tangible effect on admissions results. Also, check out some of the Ivy decision threads on CC. Maybe from these you will be able to glean the importance of variety in SAT subject tests.</p>

<p>Thanks thechaz! That's kind of what I figured but I wanted some reassurance :)</p>

<p>I took Math2, Physics, and Chem. Got into 4/5 ivies.</p>

<p>^Just out of curiosity, which Ivy rejected u? I'm also planning on taking those same 3</p>

<p>I got in Princeton, Penn, Brown, and Cornell. Rejected at Harvard. Princeton was my top choice though from the beginning...</p>

<p>^Cool! Congrats!! Harvard is my first choice because it has more interesting majors and I like the campus. Princeton, I haven't seen.</p>

<p>Princeton's campus is much nicer than Harvard's BTW. Definitely visit.</p>

<p>All the Ivies only require 2, the only non-ivy top school that requires 3 is georgetown, so yes you have fullfilled all the requirements. It would only be useful for you to take a Humanities test if you plan on going into a Humanites field such as political science in college.</p>

<p>Northwestern also likes to see 3, but does not "require" it.</p>

<p>FYI I'm most likely going into Chem or ChemE</p>