no humanity/language teacher to ask for recommendation. what should i do?

<p>some colleges i'm applying to require recommendations from a humanity/language teachers.
im more science/math oriented, so i don't have any humanity teachers who will write a good recommendation for me.</p>

<p>i have 2 lang/hum courses this year, and i think ill ask one of those teachers although they dont know me at all.</p>

<p>how do i ask these teachers for recommendation? do i just give them my information and say, "could you write me a recommendation? i have to get a rec from a hum/lang teacher, so i think you could help me out. you would be doing me a great favor."</p>

<p>do i need to worry about that teacher saying no?</p>

<p>any advice? thanks.</p>

<p>Well, even if you don't have to worry about them saying "no," it would be preferable to use a teacher who has known you for more than a few weeks of class. What history, language, English course did you do the best in? Did you have any teachers in those subjects for more than one year?</p>

<p>i moved to this school on my junior year and i dont think i can ask my junior year humanity teachers because i didn't try hard in any of those classes... (they were regular classes)</p>

<p>Hmmm, the change of schools does make it harder. </p>

<p>I think I would do this - if your applications are due January 1/15, I think I would approach the teacher you like the best/are doing the best in his or her class. I think I would say that you really like the class and are hoping that s/he would be willing to write a college recommendation for you. Say that you realize you have only known him/her for a short time, since you moved to this school last year, but that you wanted to give her some advance notice and your deadline isn't until January 1/January 15 or whatever.</p>

<p>Ask what information you could provide that would be helpful - there are many threads on what to provide for a recommender.</p>

<p>Call the schools or area reps, identify yourself for the record, and ask what to do. Some schools will accept a recommendation from a non-educator to satisfy admissions formalities.</p>

<p>Have you been participating in class? Working hard on assignments so far? </p>

<p>Sometimes you have to ask a senior year teacher for a rec, but of course, you want to do your best to impress them beforehand. My S was in a similar position in regard to English-humanities teachers and asked his AP English teacher for a rec (for a scholarship) even though he had never had her before senior year and it turned out fine. Ask the teacher straight out if they would be able to give you a strong recommendation, or "should I ask someone else." If the teacher hems and haws and doesn't answer in the positive right away, then try someone else. If you really get stuck, then contact the college admissions offices, explain the school change and ask for advice regarding teacher recommendations. It might be better to send two extremely strong recs from math-science teachers rather than having a weak rec from an Engl-language teacher, and let the admission committee sort it out in context of the rest of your application.</p>

<p>"It might be better to send two extremely strong recs from math-science teachers rather than having a weak rec from an Engl-language teacher, and let the admission committee sort it out in context of the rest of your application."</p>

<p>I think if the application says they want a humanities teacher application it would be foolhardy not to give them one. I'd go with the senior year teacher and work very hard on producing good work and contributing in class. That said, I would also ask the admissions office if you can use a history teacher. I'm guessing that would be fine, and perhaps you have a better relationship?</p>

<p>My S asked for one rec from an AP Physics teacher he had junior & senior year & his other rec was from an AP Econ teacher he only had in senior year. He did ask the teacher, who was VERY impressed with my S & was happy to write an enthusiastic rec for him (that teacher wrote many recs for many seniors, all of whom just had him from Aug until he wrote the recs)--of course many students asked other teachers & some asked teachesr they had in junior year or some like my S were able to ask teachers who taught them for both jr & sr years. As suggested above, go & speak with your senior teachers if there is a class your're doing well & confident in that you believe your teacher would be willing to write you a strong rec. </p>

<p>It is common for schools to want to know how you do in a history/eng/lang class in addition to math/science, even if you're trying for science/math at the U (my S is a freshman engineering student--undeclared specialty).</p>

<p>I have a similar problem: I haven't taken any humanity/english/language subjects since sophomore year (I won't take any for senior year), and by the time I start applying, those teachers are likely to forget who I am. What should I do?</p>

<p>Huh? In this state, state regulations require kids graduating from public school to have four years of English, three of history, and two of foreign language. I know of no private schools that require less (usually it's three years of foreign language). How in the world do you not take any humanities courses in 11th or 12th grade? (And how are you planning to meet the college's entrance requirements, since most colleges that require humanities recs also require a minimum number of humanities COURSES, too?)</p>

<p>Slight variant on JHS' comments - even colleges with "required" and "recommended" hs preparation can and will "waive" those requirements if they wish for a given student. But since the required and recommended almost always includes 4 years of English, 3 years of social studies, 3 years of language at a minimum, I don't understand what kind of hs preparation you are doing, Fusion.</p>

<p>Of course, for the vast majority of colleges and universities, this may not be an issue; more for the "more" and "most" selective ones.</p>

<p>"What should I do?"</p>

<p>Reconsider your planned schedule?</p>

<p>thank you for the replies.</p>

<p>I really dont know what to do. I'm currently taking 3 non math/sci courses. and I think I'll ask one of them for the recommendation. I'm getting B in that class and expect B+ at most if i try very hard. Unlike this class, I don't participate (when its important) in other classes, so I wont ask these teachers. Is it wise to ask a teacher from a class I'm not very good in? </p>

<p>Another problem is that to apply for early admission I have only 5 weeks left. The teacher needs at least 3 weeks to write the rec, so I only have 2 weeks left to get to know her.</p>

<p>If you want to give your teacher the max time to get to know you, you might not want to apply early admission, but it might be a good idea to speak with the teacher & ask him/her how s/he feels.</p>

<p>My S did get a rec from a teacher who gave him As & Bs, but he had the teacher for junior year & senior year. The other teacher he got the rec from was a teacher he just had senior year, but he didn't apply early admission. The class had under 20 students in it & my S actively participated.</p>