No idea how I'm going to pay for this...

<p>Anyone else concerned with the cost of UNC? (OOS)
I'm so lucky to have gotten in with such average stats but now i'm concerned with how I'm going to get there.
I wish I had applied ROTC! (-.-) urghhh. </p>

<p>Does anyone else have a plan ?</p>

<p>It's still the #1 rated best value by Kiplinger's for both IS and OOS:</p>

<p>The</a> Daily Tar Heel :: Kiplinger ranks UNC best deal in the nation</p>

<p>Hopefully you can make it work out!</p>

<p>As Kiplinger's says, it's a great value when comparing the sticker prices. But none of us will really know until we can make the true comparison, based on the actual prices. But we can be hopeful!</p>

<p>Actually, kiplinger doesn't just look at sticker prices. Net price - UNC is one of the best deals in the nation, especially for low income students. It provides an enormous amount of aid.</p>

<p>From the dth article above...</p>

<p>"A school’s value is determined by variables that constitute its academic quality and affordability, according to Kiplinger’s website. Variables include student retention rates, amount of financial aid awarded and the net cost of attending the university.</p>

<p>Yes, UNC is very good with their need-based FA. But those who don't qualify for that will be comparing offers based on merit dollars. Kiplinger doesn't consider that dimension.</p>

<p>Although UNC doesn't give much in the way of merit $, they do start from a less extreme price point than most, so even a modest award could make them competitive vs. other schools.</p>

<p>Here are your options...</p>

<p>Financial aid
School scholarships
Private scholarships
Work study
On-campus job
Off-campus job
Sign up for studies (not even kidding)
Work online
etc, etc...</p>

<p>@ScorpioChik I feel the same way as you! UNC is probably the only school that I could see myself being excited about going to, but it's going to be a lot of money. Don't know what to do...</p>

<p>I agree - after the lack of merit aid is taken into account, UNC-CH is not as cheap as people claim.</p>